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Located directly north of the Canary Wharf’s Crossrail Place is the 3-hectare site known as North Quay. Planning has been submitted for a 2.5 million sq. ft mixed-use development.

North Quay is a 3.28 hectare site previously used as a construction laydown site for the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station, soon to be the operational Elizbeth Line. The Site is located to the north of the Isle of Dogs, within the administrative boundary of the London Borough Tower Hamlets, at Canary Wharf. It is bounded by Crossrail Place to the south, Aspen Way to the north, Hertsmere Road and the Marriott Hotel to the west and Billingsgate Market to the east.

A planning application was approved in 2007, and implemented in 2016, comprising large commercial offices and supporting retail.

A further outline planning application was submitted in July 2020 to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

North Quay Planning Status

Following nine-months of intensive consultation with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, the GLA, other statutory consultees and the local community, we have now submitted an outline planning application and associated Listed Building Consent application for our North Quay site to Tower Hamlets Council. The application proposes an exciting mix of uses including workspaces, homes, shops, cafés, restaurants, community uses and public spaces on a waterside setting together with new pedestrian and cycle routes particularly one linking the thriving community of Poplar and the bustling commercial hub of Canary Wharf.

Planning Applications

The proposals for North Quay will deliver up to 355,000 sq m of floorspace.

Two separate applications have been submitted for the proposed North Quay development as follows:

1. Outline Planning Application:

Application for the mixed-use redevelopment of the Site comprising demolition of existing buildings and structures and the erection of buildings comprising business floorspace, hotel/serviced apartments, residential, co-living, student housing, retail, community and leisure and sui generis uses with associated infrastructure, parking and servicing space, public realm, highways and access works (LBTH Ref: PA/20/01421)

2. Listed Building Consent:

Application to stabilise listed quay wall and any associated/necessary remedial works as well as demolition of the false quay (LBTH Ref: PA/20/01412)

The outline planning application sets out the principles of the development in terms of the amount of development, maximum heights, width and lengths of buildings, the range of uses, and access arrangements through the site. As part of the application, we have also developed an ‘Indicative Masterplan’ which demonstrates one way in which the application we are seeking permission for, could be delivered. Subject to obtaining planning permission, further detailed reserved matters applications will be submitted to Tower Hamlets Council to approve the design of each building and public realm including hard and soft landscaping.

Next Steps for North Quay Canary Wharf

This application will establish a framework for the future development of North Quay, and we will continue to work with and engage the community as the project progresses through the planning process and provide updates on future applications and design details.

Subject to receiving planning permission, we anticipate that the development would be undertaken in a number of phases between 2021 and 2029.

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Project Team


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Principal Contractor

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Planning History

In 2007 the London Borough of Tower Hamlets granted planning permission for a significant office led scheme (LBTH ref. PA/03/00379). This planning permission is extant and as such could still be implemented. The scheme comprises two towers of 43 storeys (221 metres) and 37 storeys (209 metres) with a 23 storey central link building (125 metres) to provide 372,000 sq m of offices and 5,324 sq m of retail together with associated public realm.

North Quay, CGI

Illustrative image of consented scheme (ref. PA/03/00379)


Over the last nine months, we have met with many local stakeholders and held two stages of public consultation which have included exhibitions in various locations and meetings to understand views on the proposals, which has involved over 250 people. Our last events took place in March 2020 and focused on presenting the indicative masterplan proposals ahead of preparing the application for submission to Tower Hamlets Council.

The feedback we received during consultation process has helped to shape the priorities for North Quay and how it can benefit the area. Participants told us that the main priorities for the development were access to public space and the waterfront, improved connections between Poplar and Canary Wharf, better pedestrian routes and cycle access, and leisure uses, all of which have been incorporated into the proposals.

We are very keen to continue working with the local community to develop a scheme that is appropriate for the location and can contribute to the area in terms of placemaking, design and community benefits.

Statutory Consultation

We have now submitted the Outline Planning Application and associated Listed Building Consent to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for consideration. The full application is available to view below.

The Council will be carrying out their own statutory consultation on the application. If you would like to view or comment on the applications, you can do so by visiting the planning application search page of the Tower Hamlets Council website using the following reference numbers:

Outline Planning Application: PA/20/01421

Listed Building Consent: PA/20/01412

canary wharf planning north quay

Planning application documents

Application for outline planning permission

NQ.PA & NQ.LBC_Covering Letter_03 07 20

NQ.PA.01-Application-Form – July 2020

NQ.PA.02 CIL Forms – July 2020

NQ.PA.03.A. Volume 1 Drawings for Approval – July 2020

NQ.PA.03B. Volume 2 Drawings for Information – July 2020

NQ.PA.04. Design Guidelines – July 2020

NQ.PA.05. Development Specification – July 2020

NQ.PA.06. Planning Statement – July 2020

NQ.PA.07_Design & Access Statement_Part 1 – July 2020

NQ.PA.07_Design & Access Statement_Part 2 – July 2020

NQ.PA.07_Design & Access Statement_Part 3 – July 2020

NQ.PA.07_Design & Access Statement_Part 4 – July 2020

NQ.PA.07_Design & Access Statement_Part 5 – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 1_ Introduction-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 2_EIA Methodology-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 3_Alternatives and Design Evolution-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 4_The Proposed Development-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 5_Enabling and Construction Works-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 6_Socio-Economics-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 7_Transport and Accessibility-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 8_Noise and Vibration-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 9_Air Quality-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 10_GHG Emissions-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 11_Daylight Sunlight Overshadowing Solar Glare and Light Pollution-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 12_ Wind Microclimate_Part1-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 12_ Wind Microclimate_Part2-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 13_Water Resources and Flood Risk Chapter-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 14_Effect Interactions-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 15_Likely Significant Effects and Conclusions-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_Ch 16_Mitigation Monitoring-July-2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 1_GlossaryandAbbreviations-July-2020

NQ.PA.08.Vol2.TVIA Part 1 – July 2020

NQ.PA.08.Vol2.TVIA Part 2 – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 3_Appendix Air Quality – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 3_Appendix DSO Part 1 – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 3_Appendix DSO Part 2 – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 3_Appendix DSO Part 3 – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 3_Appendix DSO Part 4 – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 3_Appendix DSO Part 5 – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 3_Appendix DSO Part 6 – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 3_Appendix DSO Part 7 – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 3_Appendix Enabling – July 2020

NQ.PA.08_ES Vol 3_Appendix GHG – July 2020

NQ.PA.09. Environmental Non Technical Summary – July 2020

NQ.PA.10.Transport Assessment – July 2020

NQ.PA.11.Framework Travel Plan – July 2020

NQ.PA.12.Residential Travel Plan – July 2020

NQ.PA.13.Delivery and Servicing Plan – July 2020

NQ.PA.14. Statement of Community Involvement – July 2020

NQ.PA.15. Heritage Assessment – July 2020

NQ.PA.16. Sustainability Statement – July 2020

NQ.PA.17.Energy Statement – July 2020 – Part 1

NQ.PA.18. Affordable Housing Statement – July 2020

NQ,PA.19 North Quay Viability Assessment – July 2020

NQ.PA.20 Internal daylight sunlight and overshadowing report – July 2020

NQ.PA.21. Economic and Regeneration Statement – July 2020

NQ.PA.22.Site Waste Management Plan – July 2020

NQ.PA.23.Foul Sewerage and Utilities Assessment – July 2020

NQ.PA.24 Aviation Safeguarding Assessment – July 2020

NQ.PA.25.Radio and TV Interference Assessment – July 2020

NQ.PA.26. Archaeological Desk Based Assessment – July 2020

NQ.PA.27. Ecological Impact Assessment – July 2020

NQ.PA.28 Ground Contamination Desk Study and Risk Assessment – July 2020

NQ.PA.29 Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy – July 2020

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