Filming & Photography Permits

Canary Wharf’s top-quality architecture, iconic office buildings, retail malls and landscaped open areas make it a popular location for filming and professional photography.

For enquiries and further information please contact:

Canary Wharf Press Office
Canary Wharf Group plc
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AB
020 7418 2000

Canary Wharf is a privately owned Estate owned by Canary Wharf Group plc. As owners of the Estate, we have a duty to ensure that any activity that takes place there including filming and photography is safe, carries the correct insurance, minimises disruption and does not compromise security.

Filming and photography for use on social media channels may require a permit. Please contact in advance to ensure it meets our guidelines.

To apply to film and photograph on the Canary Wharf Estate you need to do the following:

1. Read all of the content on this page, including the terms and conditions.

2. Download and complete the Company Registration Form and the Film and Photography Permit Application Form and email them to

3. If required, send a risk assessment, method statement and evidence of public liability insurance to See the FAQs section below for guidance.

4. If permission is granted you will be emailed a permit. Print this out and bring it with you when you film or photograph at Canary Wharf. Please show it to security personnel if requested.

5. For multiple requests, we may set you up on the e-permits system so you can apply online. If so you will be emailed log-in details and asked to follow the instructions.

Do I require permission?

You will require a permit for filming or photography on the Canary Wharf Estate if:

  • The filming and photography is for professional use, sale, commercial gain or media reproduction including social media; and/or
  • you will potentially cause disruption or harm to people or property on the Canary Wharf Estate; and/or
  • you are filming/photographing indoors in any of the common areas in the buildings (eg lobbies or shopping malls); and/or
  • you are filming/photographing building entrances, shop fronts or any of the security arrangements in place.

You do not necessarily require a permit if:

  • You are taking the images for solely amateur purposes and do not intend to reproduce them for media, sale or commercial benefit (for example you are a tourist, hobbyist or student); and
  • your equipment is minimal (for example, nothing more than a camera and stationary tripod); and
  • you are not causing any disruption, harm or potential harm to people, property or yourself; and
  • you are outdoors; and
  • you are not filming or photographing any building entrances or security arrangements.

Students are advised to carry with them a student ID and letter of introduction from their educational institution.

Do I require permission for filming and photography for use on social media?

We will assess this on a case by case basis, please contact the to discuss in more detail.

Why are permits required for filming and photography?

Canary Wharf is a privately owned Estate owned by Canary Wharf Group plc.

As owners of the Estate, we have a duty to ensure that any activity that takes place there including filming and photography is safe, carries the correct insurance, minimises disruption and does not compromise security.

What areas are part of the Canary Wharf Estate?

The 97 acre Estate is bounded by the River Thames in the West, Churchill Place and Wood Wharf in the East, North Dock in the North and South Dock in the South.

Area: Apply to:
West India Quay and footbridge Canal & River Trust
DLR and underground stations Transport for London / London Underground
South Quay and footbridge London Borough of Tower Hamlets Film Office
The area directly in front of the Western entrance to Jubilee Line Underground Station Transport for London / London Underground

When applying, please be as specific as possible about the locations and subject you intend to film or photograph. You can download a map of the Estate here

How far in advance should I apply?

Applicants are advised to apply at least ten working days in advance for projects not requiring a risk assessment and at least twelve working days in advance of projects that do require a risk assessment.

Urgent or same day requests, for example from news crews, will be dealt with if resource allows. If unsure, please call the Press Office for guidance on 020 7418 2000.

What charges apply?

Variable fees dependent on location, scale and type of shoot / production. Each application will be reviewed based on these factors and a fee agreed.

We reserve the right to charge up to 100% of the agreed fee in cases of scheduled shoots being cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Do all film and photography applications get accepted?

CWG’s primary obligation is to the 120,000 workers, shoppers and travellers who come onto the Estate every day.

This means that non-essential filming and photography requests may be declined, and all filming and photography must minimise disruption and ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.

We typically accept filming and photography projects, inlcduing those for use on social media, that have promotional merit to Canary Wharf and/or our retail and office tenants.

Please be as specific as possible in your application about the reasons you are undertaking the filming/photography and what the subject of your photography will be.

What are the health and safety considerations?

CWG views health and safety as being of paramount importance. If the filming or photography requires equipment in addition to a handheld camera and tripod, a method statement and site specific risk assessment must be completed along with the application form.

The laying of track is not permitted on the Estate.

Can I use a drone for filming or photography?

Under no circumstances will the use of drones for photography and filming be permitted.

What insurance do I need?

Those wanting to film or photograph on the Estate should provide written evidence of personal liability insurance at a minimum of £10 million.

Where can I park at Canary Wharf?

Parking is permitted in the four underground public car parks at Canary Wharf, which have a height limit of two metres. Permission to park on the Estate at street level is only given in very exceptional circumstances, and may be subject to additional charges. Click here for more information on Parking

How do I log in to the e-permits system?

  • Click the box below to confirm you have read and will comply with the terms and conditions.
  • Click Proceed to login. Once logged in, proceed to ‘Create Request’ to initiate the application.
  • Remember to use the ‘duplicate request’ button for applying for permits on multiple days.

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