What we offer

We empower our people and support them reaching their greatest potential. We understand that contented and healthy employees help us to achieve our shared goals. We know the value of work-life balance and wellbeing.

We care about our people and value everyone’s contribution to our company’s success and growth. We understand that our achievements are a result of our people’s skill, hard work and dedication. We make significant investments in our staff’s development, welfare and health and safety.


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We offer a comprehensive and flexible range of benefits including generous pension and insurance plans, health insurance, subsidised gym membership, store discounts and family leave. Moreover, our approach system allows you to choose the benefits that suit you.

The benefits include:

  • Private healthcare and dental packages
  • Generous and flexible pension scheme
  • Maternity leave including up to six months full pay
  • Shared parental leave including same pay benefits for men and women
  • Emergency childcare facilities
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Life assurance
  • Subsidised gym membership
  • Flexible holiday flex scheme

In addition, we are pleased to discuss flexible working options.

Diversity and inclusivity

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We foster a diverse and inclusive workforce, hiring individuals with a large breadth of experience and expertise.

We recognise that a diverse workforce enhances our ability to deal with challenges while improving productivity, adaptability, and innovation. We create working environments where individual differences are cherished and teams value variety.

Employees are treated with respect and dignity.  We deliver compulsory diversity training to eliminate unconscious bias and help build positive relationships. Our Diversity and Inclusion Steering Groups work collaboratively to make positive changes within our business. Our leaders are held accountable for making progress towards the diversity and inclusivity agenda.

Health and wellbeing

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We believe the physical and emotional wellbeing of our staff is paramount to our continued success and sustainability. As well as offering a comprehensive health benefits package, our ‘Time to’ campaign encourages staff to take positive action in relation to their health. We have a culture which prioritises staff wellbeing. We run regular health promotional events and have trained Mental Health First Aiders recognised as internal support staff. They contribute to our Wellbeing Steering Group established to ensure wellbeing is fully integrated within the business.

Gender parity

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We promote career and leadership development for all genders, eliminating barriers and providing equal opportunities for development. With support from the top of the company down, we have a Gender Balance Network Group to engage, inspire and support colleagues across the business.

Our flexible working options help support all working parents. In some business areas we consider school term time working.

We appeal to school-age young women to inspire them to consider careers predominantly dominated by men.

Community programmes

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We understand the importance of our neighbours and support local organisations, schools and colleges creating a welcoming and informative environment appropriate to specific needs. 

Insight Tours provide groups with an opportunity to learn about the history of the Canary Wharf estate, our business ethics, values and updates on future developments as well as developing new skills. 

We hold CV writing and interview workshops; speed networking events for young people to learn about careers with the Group and give employability advice.  We are committed to the development of community potential and raising individual’s aspirations with a special focus on promoting diversity in our industry.

We organise campaigns and events to raise awareness, engage people and promote sustainability across all operations. It is also about listening as much as speaking with stakeholders including our community of tenants, suppliers, employees, contractors and local residents.

Learning and development

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We are committed to professional development and offer structured training programmes, e-learning, mentoring, cross-department work experience and on-the-job learning. We encourage sponsorships, support chartered status attainment and other accreditations. We support further education opportunities which are job and business related.

We invest continuously in developing skills and knowledge to ensure individual and company growth.

Flexible working

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We are happy to consider flexible working arrangements, both temporary and permanent. We aspire for balance between providing outstanding customer and client service, driving results, building satisfying careers and respecting the preferences of individual members of staff.


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We have a mentoring scheme open to all employees, promoting professional development and knowledge sharing across the business. Our mentoring scheme is designed to develop future leaders, enhance problem solving skills, increase self-confidence, and assist relationship-building among colleagues.

We know that our strength is our people. We know we need their breadth of knowledge and experience across the range of business areas.

Leadership programmes

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We are proud of our tailored leadership programmes which focus on enhancing strategic thinking, influencing change and innovation, empowering staff and working collaboratively. The programmes help current, and potential, future leaders.


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Joining our company means to support with enthusiasm sustainable working practices. As Sir George Iacobescu, our Executive Chairman, says: “Our vision is to inspire positive impact by creating places that are healthy, thriving, sustainable and future ready.”

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