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As a sustainable developer, we have a responsibility to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow as we build today. Our latest Sustainability Report highlights our progress in 2022 as well as our milestones for the coming year. We are proud of our progress and continue to commit to accelerate our efforts. Part of sustainability is nurturing an inclusive culture withing our own community. We know that Equity, Diversity & Inclusion are essential in business today. Employees with a breadth of lived experiences and cultures provide us with the different perspective and diversity of thought that we need to continually innovate and remain relevant. This in turn benefits our customers so our Estate becomes a place that truly reflects the world in which we all work, live and play. Sustainability is not just about buildings and infrastructure. It’s also about sustaining an inclusive culture that embraces the diversity of our workforce and customer base.

Part of sustainability is nurturing an inclusive culture within our own community – our employees. We employ over 1,200 people across a broad range of roles and disciplines, several of whom feature in this report. Our ambition is to create an inclusive culture where each person feels valued and empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work. To realise this, we champion initiatives like our five ED&I Networks, our Junior Board and investment in our people.

View our 2023 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Report

2022 Sustainability Report

Canary Wharf is in a constant state of evolution. Since we first broke ground on the site over 30 years ago, we have been constantly reassessing the needs of our customers and of our local community. As we continue our transition into Canary Wharf 3.0, we are taking the opportunity both to create habitats throughout the estate where wildlife can better thrive and ensure there is an abundance of nature across the development to support the wellbeing of everyone who enjoys the space.  

View our 2022 Sustainability Report

Canary Wharf Group Reports

Since 2001, CWG has reported on its sustainability performance in an annual Sustainability Report. CWG’s objective in producing these reports is to demonstrate its performance against targets set the previous year, as well as to cover a range of social and environmental issues relevant to its business.

The reports illustrate CWG’s management approach to environmental and social issues and demonstrates, through analysis of performance, how this has become integrated into its business operations.

The data presented covers all business operations of the Group and measures our performance against annual objectives and targets.

The Corporate Responsibility Group also oversees the production of our annual sustainability report, ensuring complete transparency and accountability in our annual reporting. Our report is prepared in accordance with EPRA guidelines and is assured in line with ISAE 3000.

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