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We create healthy buildings and thriving places that promote human wellbeing and creativity

As a developer, we act on our responsibility to deliver high quality, sustainable buildings to businesses and to residents. An efficient and healthy office is home to a productive corporation, and a safe and comfortable apartment is home to a happy family.

A review of the research by the World Green Building Council shows the link between the built environment, people’s wellbeing and productivity. Best practice in design and technology incorporates features that enhance the environment to create places where people enjoy spending time.

The health and wellbeing of our occupants is a core design consideration at every one of our developments, and we’re focused on creating places that generate long-term value for the people that use them. Natural capital and biodiversity is an essential and integral part of our developments and approach to improving wellbeing and creativity.

The resilience of the businesses that operate out of our buildings is enhanced through our cutting edge approach to design and security. We’re focused on integrating technological innovations and investing proactively for the long-term resilience of the places we create and manage.

Measuring & Reporting on Wellbeing

In 2016, we began gap check on North Quay and Bank Street developments using the WELL Building Standard.

The standard measures 100 individual features across seven factors: air quality, water quality, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind (occupants’ mental and emotional health). Studies have reported that 94% of employees felt the new space has a positive impact on their business performance and 92% saying it had a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.

Our initial gap check identified that the buildings’ current shell and core could potentially achieve silver status with little or no intervention. Our aim is to embed principles of health, wellbeing and productivity in all our developments.

Enhancing our Biodiversity

Regular cleaning has made the dock’s water more attractive to various species of freshwater and saltwater fish including flounder, plaice, bream and rudd. The docks are regularly used by aquatic birds, and even seals have been spotted in the North Dock on several occasions.

In our New District we have integrated biodiversity enhancement with the design. Bird nesting facilities, green and brown roofs, ecology islands and artificial refuges for fish will attract wildlife and enhance the habitat for its human residents. Even the design of the buildings has included complex vertical structures to mimic the cliffs used by black redstarts.

Improving our Resilience

By evolving our security systems so that they utilise cutting edge technology we can create places where people feel comfortable and secure without being intrusive.

Canary Wharf Group has invested in a Genetec Security Center, which manages 1,750 cameras, more than 1,000 doors and automatic number plate recognition cameras. The cutting edge technology uses a map interface to allow our teams to monitor and respond to security threats quickly.