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The next phase of our evolution

With more than 11 million square feet of development to come on the Canary Wharf Estate, a large proportion of which will be residential, we’re transitioning to a truly sustainable, mixed-use and inclusive place.

However, buildings alone do not make a place – that comes from meeting the many and varied needs of the people who live, work and visit. By 2030 our daily population will have grown from 120,000 to 200,000. Nurturing this diverse and vibrant community will help us to continue to breathe new life into the area.

With the opening of the Elizabeth line, travel to Canary Wharf will be enhanced once again, accelerating access to Central London, Heathrow, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex. Improving connectivity, reducing travel times and easing congestion on the rail network will help to ensure Canary Wharf can continue to evolve.

The future of Canary Wharf Group lies well beyond London E14. Our unique business model and experience developed over the past 30 years at Canary Wharf and more recently at Fenchurch Street and Southbank Place, gives rise to an unparalleled opportunity to take sustainable building design, asset management and placemaking to a new level right across all our operations.

What makes us unique?

Our ability to evolve within and beyond Canary Wharf is enabled by our operating model, values and approach.

As a fully integrated property development, investment and management group, we’re able to create healthy places, thriving communities, quality jobs, world-class destinations and future cities. As both a landlord and co-resident we have empathy with our neighbours we take pride in our ability to be a good neighbour that safeguards the upkeep and continuous improvement of our developments long past their completion.

Our aim is to create quality, inclusive and sustainable districts that emerge through close working partnerships. By getting to know our local community, listening and involving them we’re able to create a thriving environment that meets the needs of the businesses, communities and people we serve.

Healthy & Thriving

We focus on innovation and leadership to improve the health and wellbeing of the people that live, work, shop and relax in our buildings, parks and public spaces.

We design and build the world’s highest productivity clusters that allow businesses and local communities to thrive. We’re a catalyst for regeneration, igniting London’s growth and development.

We are proud to be part of a community and work in productive partnerships to meet the evolving needs of the people and businesses that use our spaces.

  • £1.59 billion of contracts with local suppliers since 1997
  • £3 million invested in community projects and activities every year
  • 41% of Canary Wharf Group’s spend is on local businesses
  • 149,000 jobs
  • 120,000 daily population
  • £7.7 billion value of total portfolio

Sustainable & Circular

We’re committed to addressing climate change and resource depletion. As we continue to grow we are faced with the challenge of decoupling growth from resource use and environmental impact. Our unique operating model means that from design, to completion and ongoing management we are working hard to create zero-carbon and efficient buildings.

Setting our targets in line with climate science means we can be confident that we’re making a meaningful and credible contribution to decarbonisation efforts.

By developing close relationships with our suppliers and the businesses that use our buildings we are designing out waste, building in resilience and efficiency, and facilitating the transition to a zero-carbon and circular economy.

Natural capital is an essential and integral part of the places we create. It plays a vital role in absorbing carbon, providing clean air and enhancing the aesthetics of our environment.

  • Zero waste to landfill from managed operations since 2009
  • 100% renewable electricity since 2012
  • A fifth of our estate is green space

Future Ready

We’re creating future cities now. Climate change and pressure on resources means the built environment of today must be adaptable for a very different future.

The city of tomorrow will be an intelligent, versatile and connected location in which to live, work and relax. A place where human creativity and wellbeing will flourish. That’s the blueprint we’re creating today.

By keeping innovation at the forefront of everything we do, we’re creating a platform to develop technology and places of the future.

  • Embedding climate change mitigation and adaption in all our developments
  • Home to Europe’s largest tech accelerator for finance, retail, cyber-security and future cities