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  • A collection of Faith at Canary Wharfimages
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Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy

A unique chaplaincy set in the heart of Canary Wharf, for both the business and retail communities based here. Since it began in 2004 it has continued to develop in terms of understanding the demands and challenges facing the working population of the estate.

The role of the Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy has always been to provide a high quality, consistent and accessible resource to all of the working community on the Canary Wharf estate, regardless of belief or background. Chaplaincy is available to people of any faith or none (not just for those who say they are religious!). The chaplains, whilst being people of faith, are very approachable and are happy to meet with anyone.

Visit www.canarywharfchaplaincy.co.uk for information or to watch a video from the Canary Wharf Multifaith Chaplaincy about how they provide pastoral care and spiritual support for anyone working on the Canary Wharf Estate.

Contact the Chaplaincy via email info@canarywharfchaplaincy.co.uk or you can call 020  7477 1073

Canary Wharf Prayer Room

The Canary Wharf prayer room is located in Churchill Place and has shared usage by all the faiths during the working week.

Click here to download the current Prayer Room timetable

External Resources

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