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As part of the Thames Estuary, our Estate is home to a wide variety of animals and plants. Our urban design has, over time, created a suitable living environment for native and threatened species that have established themselves alongside our flourishing commercial activities

Six acres of gardens and landscaped public spaces form an integrated network of green spaces, while reed beds and water terraces improve water quality and habitats. Seasonal planting helps to attract birds and insects, and we hope the new Crossrail station roof garden will also attract further wildlife.

It is our goal to ensure we create safe and healthy ecosystems within the Estate. In 2015, our Biodiversity Action Plan was updated and now provides a framework for promoting biodiversity across Canary Wharf from 2015 to 2020.

The Plan will facilitate the collation and assessment of information about the ecology of the Estate, and the identification and implementation of options for protecting and enhancing the ecology and for mitigating and offsetting threats. The Plan includes the creation of new green spaces, and a network of green and brown roofs covering over 4,000m2, while the creation of aquatic habitats and sanctuaries will provide a valuable contribution to the regeneration of the Thames Estuary. Also in 2015, we worked with BRE (Building Research Establishment) to help design its new Strategic Ecology Framework, which will define the future of how ecology is approached within the BREEAM framework.

Green Roofs