• A collection of Making Great Placesimages
  • A collection of Making Great Placesimages

Buildings alone do not make a place – that comes from meeting the many and varied needs of the people who live, work and visit there, nurturing the community that breathes life into the area. As our first residential properties take Canary Wharf into a new era, we’re starting to see a vibrant new dynamic for the future.

A new type of community

Canary Wharf is set to be transformed. New developments and, crucially, new residents will bring enormous change. There will be a distinct change in the environment: it will become more diverse, with additional facilities and amenities, and the space will be used in different and unexpected ways. What was once a financial district is evolving into a melting pot of unique spaces, each with their own identity. Placemaking isn’t just about the built environment – it’s about how people use the essentials that turn a location.

A model for modern living

From being primarily a business and retail location, Canary Wharf is going to become like a city in its own right. Thousands of people will live here, which will make it a better place to work. There’ll be more retail and food outlets, more nightlife and more weekend activities – it will be a 24-hour place, and no other part of London will be managed in the same way: by the people who developed it.

As well as a destination of choice, Canary Wharf is becoming a model for 21st century living. Leading-edge smart city technology is being developed here, at locations like Level39, our very own incubator and accelerator for innovative start-ups and technology companies. We’re aiming to see some of those innovations used on the Estate, helping residents to make the most of living here and giving them more control over their environment.