Canary Wharf Group Launches New App with HELPFUL to Encourage Widespread Reuse and Recycling Across the Estate – 03.01.19

Canary Wharf Group has partnered with HELPFUL, the creators of the world’s first plastic recycling and rewarding app to simplify and incentivise reuse and recycling for consumers. In an industry first, piloted by Canary Wharf Group, the app will help those visiting and working on the Canary Wharf estate to correctly recycle their waste, make the switch to reusable products to avoid single-use plastic and collect rewards in a pioneering Estate-wide effort to drive behavioural change.

As part of Canary Wharf Group’s continued campaign towards becoming a Plastic Free Commercial Centre with Surfers Against Sewage, the customised app is a step forward in making it easier for the community to adopt new reuse and recycling habits in an unparalleled scheme in the UK. This is the first time that HELPFUL have been able to incorporate rewards for reuse as well as recycling on a large scale.

By downloading the HELPFUL app, adapted and geo-fenced especially for the Canary Wharf estate, consumers will be able to scan their plastic waste and receive immediate feedback from the app, telling them exactly where on the Estate they will be able to recycle or reuse the plastic products. In return, they will receive a virtual reward “coin”, redeemable via QR codes on the recycling/reuse points, which they can then spend at participating retailers on the Estate.

Martin Gettings, Group Head of Sustainability at Canary Wharf Group plc says “This app is an incredibly useful tool for informing people about different plastics used in products, as well as highlighting where our Deposit Return Scheme, water refill stations and recycling points can be found on the Estate. Even better, HELPFUL enables customers to collect rewards online; in a future-thinking step we are using ‘gamification’ to make recycling fun. Utilising technology like this is a brilliant way to enable people to get involved, make a difference and be rewarded in doing so.”

Evan Michaels, founder of the HELPFUL app says, “Working with Canary Wharf Group has been highly insightful and proven it is possible to tackle single-use plastic waste on a large scale. We’re delighted to be contributing towards their Breaking The Plastic Habit campaign and moving the Estate one step closer to Plastic Free Commercial Centre Status. It is our hope that our work with Canary Wharf Group will form a template for other communities as they set an example that sustainability can be achieved by empowering people with innovative, accessible and smart technology“.

Hugo Tagholm, founder of Surfers Against Sewage says “It’s incredible to see the steps Canary Wharf Group have taken, going above and beyond what is required, in working towards their Plastic Free Commercial Centre status. Their project moves the work of Surfers Against Sewage past the beaches and into the City, which is exceptionally exciting looking ahead to 2019.

By making recycling and reusing products easier than ever across the Estate, Canary Wharf Group is ensuring that engagement on the project goes beyond their tenants right through to each member of the micro-society in a way that will drive behavioural change once and for all.”

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Notes to Editors

About Canary Wharf Group:

Canary Wharf Group plc has overseen the largest urban regeneration project ever undertaken in Europe, designing and building more than 16.5m sq ft of London real estate, which now houses local and international companies and renowned retailers.

The Canary Wharf Estate is a major retail destination comprising around 1m sq ft across five shopping malls, including the award-winning leisure development, Crossrail Place, housing one of London’s most stunning roof gardens. It also has world-class, year-round arts and events programme offering over 200 diverse and culturally inspiring events performed throughout the Estate.

Canary Wharf Group is a wholly owned joint venture between Brookfield Property Partners and the Qatar Investment Authority.
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About Canary Wharf’s ‘Plastic Free Community’ commitment:

Canary Wharf Group have committed to use the Plastic Free Communities framework from Surfers Against Sewage as a guide to inform and unite businesses and consumers, in driving down the use of avoidable single-use plastics across the Canary Wharf Estate and offering sustainable alternatives where possible.

This is not about removing all plastic on the Estate, but targeting specific, avoidable single-use plastic items and influencing a positive behavioural change amongst Canary Wharf stakeholders, encouraging them to rethink their own usage, and break the habit by incrementally and collectively moving away from throwaway plastics.
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About HELPFUL and the HELPFUL app

HELPFUL is a free app tackling the enormous problem of coffee cups and plastic bottles not being recycled properly and ending up in the landfill and our oceans.  They would like to play their part in reducing the 2.5 billion of cups and 7.5 billion water bottles, we are currently using every year in the UK.

The app identifies the plastic and guides the user how to recycle it. If one of our HELPFUL Bins is nearby, it directs them there to ensure it’s been recycled properly.

HELPFUL is the world’s first plastic recycling and rewarding app, using the power of AI and smart bins technology to connect to existing public bin infrastructure to help people break the plastic habit by rewarding them for recycling, reusing and reducing single plastic usage.

We are partnering with some of the UK’s leading brands, retailers and shopping centres to enable them to recycle their coffee cups and water bottles.

The HELPFUL app is available for iPhones and Android smartphones.
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