Upper Bank Street Bridge Re-opens for Christmas

The Upper Bank Street Bridge connecting Canary Wharf with Aspen Way will re-open for two months from 19 December.

The bridge was temporarily closed for the start of construction of the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station in May. Canary Wharf Contractors Limited (CWCL), which is designing and constructing the station, is able to re-open the bridge due to piling of the Station running to schedule. It will allow improved access to Canary Wharf over the Christmas period and early in the New Year.

The bridge is expected to close again in late February to allow piling in the centre of the worksite in North Dock. This phase of works is scheduled for completion in summer of 2010; at this point the bridge will be reopened with construction ongoing below.

The temporary closure has allowed CWCL to raise the bridge and install the Crossrail station piles through the bridge deck without the need to dismantle and remove the bridge altogether. This is a change from the original plans, and has resulted in several years of closure being avoided.

The bridge may need to be closed again at some stage in the future. Advance notice of these closures will be done in good time in the hope that impact of these essential works is minimised.