The walkway next to the Riverside South construction site at Canary Wharf has temporarily reopened.

The walkway reopened this week, replacing a diversion put in place while large-scale construction was underway at Riverside South, which is owned by J.P. Morgan and being developed by Canary Wharf Group plc.

The two companies have made the walkway safe and accessible for pedestrians and cyclists in advance of another closure, when large-scale construction restarts to bring the site up to ground level.

Howard Dawber from Canary Wharf Group said “The walkway will be kept open as long as possible before large scale works require it to be closed again.”

“We have a long history of listening to and working with our local community and are pleased we have been able to help in this situation.

“We would like to thank J.P. Morgan for agreeing to this re-opening and for generously helping fund the cost of the walkway.”

“While it isn’t ideal to have to close the walkway, there have been benefits to local residents. It has allowed us to move excavated materials and equipment by river barge, saving many thousands of noisy and smelly lorry trips from clogging up local roads.”

“Once Riverside South is complete it will feature a much enhanced river side walkway with green areas and terrific views along the Thames for all to enjoy.

Canary Wharf Group plc is encouraging members of the public with queries about the Riverside South construction site to contact Rob Pritchett on 0207 001 3054.

Riverside South is a privately owned former industrial site. Canary Wharf Group allowed public access for several years along the side of the river; however this was closed in 2007 to allow work to start on the major redevelopment of the site.

In December 2010 J.P. Morgan announced that construction work would restart at Riverside South, bringing the site up to ground level. It also announced a purchase of 25 Bank Street from Canary Wharf Group, which will become its European Investment Bank headquarters from early 2012.


For more information contact:

Hamish McDougall
Group Communications Manager
Canary Wharf Group plc
T: 020 7418 2326
M: 07779 888 075