Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September ·

The largest pop up film event of its kind ever staged Over 8,000 people to dress up and become characters within a nostalgic 80s world

London, UK – 24 August 2011 – Today Future Cinema, the creators of Secret Cinema, in partnership with California Tourism, announced the secret location in London where it will present “California Classics.” For two special days in September, London’s iconic Canary Wharf will be transformed into the boardwalks and amusement parks of California, reminiscent of the nostalgic film locations in Santa Cruz (“The Lost Boys”, 3rd September) and San Diego (“Top Gun”, 4th September).

More than 8,000 people will become Californians for the “California Classics” weekend, joining the vampire-spooked Santa Carla beachside community or training to become Naval Aviators at the Top Gun School. Audiences will have the chance to participate in classic surf side sport and adventure; feast their eyes and taste buds on all-American food carts and cuisine; dress up to the extreme in their best 80s gothic grunge or finest white naval suits – with accompanying aviators, of course.

Fabien Riggall, Founder and Creative Director of Future Cinema says: “We are very excited to bring these two cult films into a live cinema experience in one of the most incredible spaces in London. Canary Wharf will provide the perfect beach setting for Santa Cruz and San Diego. We are looking forward to building this event with over 8,000 people dressing up and becoming Top Guns and Lost Boys!”

Caroline Beteta, President and CEO of California Tourism says: “We look forward to bringing the sights, sounds and flavours of coastal California, specifically Santa Cruz and San Diego, to London for what promises to be a spectacular experience produced by Future Cinema. Not only will participants become honorary Californians for the weekend, they can enter to win one of two incredible holidays to California inspired by ‘The Lost Boys’ and ‘Top Gun’, and truly touchdown in the Golden State in the near future.”

FASHION People attending “California Classics” will be encouraged to celebrate the fashion of the 80s and rock the catwalk at our California inspired boardwalk – from gothic grunge to pristine navy whites.

“The Lost Boys” A touch retro, bohemian gypsy and definitely gothic; attendees may be spotted styling out their hair in big 80s fashion; draping themselves in the finest grunge, layers and leggings, or an embellished military jacket. Envision Lost Boy Gangs accessorized with heavy bangle jewellery while Frog Brother members may come equipped with water pistols, garlic chains and crosses.

“Top Gun” Slick retro perfection, 80s vintage bomber jackets and aviator sunglasses will visually bring to life the US Navy experience at Canary Wharf. Guests might also be seen tucking in an old white t-shirt over a pair of fitted blue denim jeans or combat overalls while ladies and gentleman alike may arrive in polished fashion with starched white flight suits and corresponding aviator caps, hats or helmets. Please note: All Naval Aviators will need to dress in or bring one white Naval suit. They may also bring their Pilot outfit.

Props / Beachwear: Over both days, attendees will be encouraged to bring cushions and blankets and umbrellas/ponchos in case the California sunshine does not come through. For those heading to the beach (Santa Carla) visitors should bring swimming attire (for the brave), surf or paddle boards, sun protection cream, BMX, chopper, skateboards and rollerskates – all are welcome.

FROLICS Seaside amusements and games will feature at the “California Classics” weekend at Canary Wharf and may include a plethora of water sports alongside boardwalk arcade games, taxidermy art and a skate-shop. Meanwhile, the Beach Stage will feature Guilty Pleasures and Battle of the Bands live music on both days.

FOOD Visitors to “California Classics” will enjoy nostalgic all-American cuisine and vibrant West coast flavours while strolling along the boardwalks or perhaps dancing alongside at the Beach Stage. Californian delights including traditional tacos, greasy hot dogs and fried fish will be served to the masses while ice cream bikes will roll about town dishing out chilled scoops to cool down a steamy beach crowd. Sweet treats may follow with pastel coloured candy floss and pick-n-mix, but to name a few…

FLY Finally, visitors are encouraged to enter the chance to win a holiday to either Santa Cruz or San Diego, locations for these two films, courtesy of California Tourism and Air New Zealand. Those who engage the most and fully embrace with their inner vampire or flying ace may enter the competition or find out more details at www.welcometocalifornia.co.uk Future Cinema and California Tourism are joined by airline partner Air New Zealand to present “California Classics”. To enroll or purchase tickets, please visit: www.welcometocalifornia.co.uk

### For press enquiries please contact: FUTURE CINEMA: Emily Burgess / Emily@futureshorts.com CALIFORNIA TOURISM: Maddy Morgan / Maddy.Morgan@visitcalifornia.co.uk AIR NEW ZEALAND: Emma White / Emma.White@diffusionpr.com CANARY WHARF: Hamish McDougall / Hamish.McDougall@canarywharf.com ###


1. TICKET INFORMATION: To purchase tickets, please visit: welcometocalifornia.co.uk Future Cinema, in partnership with California Tourism present “California Classics” Date: Saturday 3rd September “The Lost Boys” and Sunday 4th September “Top Gun” Time: 16.00h Location: Canary Wharf Tickets: £24.50 Full / £21.50 Concessions (per day) Required Guest Identification: Please ensure to bring an ID card upon arrival for “California Classics”

2. ABOUT FUTURE CINEMA FUTURE CINEMA, the creators of SECRET CINEMA, create large-scale cinematic experiences, fusing feature film with music, theatre and live performance. Conceived in 2005, Future Cinema is famed for taking audiences on multi-sensory rides that have become genuine ‘Don’t Miss’ events. Future Cinema also operates as an agency, bringing talent to creative projects and developing innovative experiential campaigns for brands, new releases and other third parties. For additional information on Future Cinema, please visit: www.futurecinema.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/futurecinema @futurecinema

3. ABOUT CALIFORNIA TOURISM California Tourism, is the UK and Irish representation of the California Travel & Tourism Commission(CTTC), a non-profit organisation with a mission to develop and maintain marketing programmes – in partnership with the state’s travel industry – that keep California top-of-mind as a premier travel destination. According to the CTTC, approximately 683,000 travellers from the UK visited California in 2010, the majority on holiday. With an annual statewide spending impact of $688 million, visitors from the UK and Ireland are a significant part of the California tourism business. For more information about the CTTC and visiting California visit www.visitcalifornia.co.uk

4. ABOUT AIR NEW ZEALAND Air New Zealand offers an award winning and uniquely Kiwi style of product of service on flights from the United Kingdom, via Los Angeles or Hong Kong, to one of 27 New Zealand destinations. As the airline that flies passengers on some of the world’s longest routes, there’s not much Air New Zealand doesn’t know about long-haul comfort. After three years of design and development, the airline recently unveiled their ground-breaking new 777-300 flying experience featuring innovations throughout the aircraft from the revolutionary Premium Economy Spaceseat™ to the Economy Skycouch™ – the very first couch on a plane! The airline’s willingness to do things differently filters down from the interior of the aircraft to the warm, spirited and solutions-focussed attitude of their crew – which blends together to give you a uniquely Kiwi approach to travel. Air New Zealand offers the only true round the world experience, flying out via the US and stopping over in Asia on the way home – or vice versa. As a member of the Star Alliance network you can earn and redeem points when flying Air New Zealand in your choice of partner programme such as United Airlines Mileage Plus and many more.

5. ABOUT CANARY WHARF Canary Wharf is one of the greatest feats of civic regeneration. In just 20 years it has been transformed from derelict docks into one of the world’s premier business and shopping districts. Canary Wharf’s Arts & Events programme includes over 100 events each year, most of which are free. Highlights include top quality concerts, film screenings, comedy and performing arts, the annual Canary Wharf Jazz Festival, one of the world’s largest free motor shows, the London Ice Sculpting Festival and world-class triathlon, cycling and squash events. In summer 2011 Canary Wharf hosted Create House, which featured Restaurants in Residences’ pop-up restaurants, art exhibitions, a design store and more, all part of the CREATE11 festival. There are more than 200 shops at Canary Wharf. Recent fashion openings include Tiffany & Co., Jaeger and Hackett. Canary Wharf has over 80 bars, cafes and restaurants including Jamie’s Italian, ROKA, Wahaca and the recently opened flagship Boisdale of Canary Wharf, which boasts nightly live jazz concerts and the world’s greatest whisky bar. Canary Wharf has an internationally recognised public art collection of more than 60 permanent art works. Temporary exhibitions also run throughout the year, with recent works from Peter Randall-Page, Phillip King and Phyllida Barlow. Canary Wharf won the Christie’s Award for Best International Corporate Art Collection in November 2010. Approximately 95,000 people work at Canary Wharf, with the population projected to double by 2025. Canary Wharf Estate is owned and developed by Canary Wharf Group plc, an integrated property development, investment and management group of companies. www.canarywharf.com

Top Gun: (c) 1986 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.