Famous sculptor Randall-Page’s Big Wing to take flight at Canary Wharf

Free Entry
19 April – 28 May 2010
Lobby, One Canada Square & Jubilee Park
Canary Wharf, London
Tube/DLR: Canary Wharf

Peter Randall-Page, one of the UK’s most significant sculptors, launches an exhibition at Canary Wharf on 19 April.

The exhibition includes the first public view of Randall-Page’s biggest ever drawing, specially commissioned by Canary Wharf Group plc (CWG), an image of a giant pair of insect wings stretching across the south side of the lobby of One Canada Square.

Called Big Wing, the work is made of translucent vinyl and will create a stained-glass window effect on the lobby, casting colour around the room.

Also inside the lobby will be three white-painted bronze sculptures with patterns of hexagonal formations across their surface.

In Jubilee Park the exhibition features boulders of glacial granite, with geometric patterns derived from the natural world carved on their surface.

“In combining order with the arbitrary nature of the stones, the sculptures orchestrate themes and variations that vary from robust carving to pieces that are finely tuned,” says Randall-Page.

“I set self-imposed rules, but accept and work with the random nature of stone, allowing play and invention,” he says.

Randall-Page is well known for his lyrical carvings in Kilkenny limestone, granite, exotic marble, bronze, cast iron and clay. His drawings and prints exemplify three-dimensional concepts, as well as exercising ideas and planning work in other media.

“With Big Wing, Randall-Page has taken up a challenge to experiment on a very large scale,” says Ann Elliott, curator of the Sculpture in the Workplace programme for CWG.

“The wing patterns in the original drawings were formed from the Rorschach-type inkblot technique and are brought into balance through their mirrored image,” she says.