Friday 15 May 2015 – Media Release

Cutting-edge smart city technologies to be piloted in Canary Wharf

Two smart cities innovators, Demand Logic and SEaB Energy, have been selected to pilot their technologies at Canary Wharf after winning the second phase of the Cognicity Challenge.

Cognicity is a smart cities accelerator programme designed and delivered by ENTIQ for Canary Wharf Group (CWG). It was established to discover and support the development of future technologies with positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

Demand Logic helps businesses to reduce their electricity usage by intelligently monitoring and controlling non-essential electrical outputs, saving money and emissions in the process while SEaB

Energy has developed a system which eliminates the need to transport food waste to distant processing plants by converting it into water and green power onsite.

Both companies have been awarded a £50,000 prize alongside the opportunity to implement their technology at Canary Wharf. Through Cognicity, CWG is facilitating new types of interaction between developers, large technology firms and startups. The programme also aims to demonstrate how multiple solutions can work together successfully through the use of Big Data and the Internet of Things.

SEaB Energy and Demand Logic won the third and fourth streams of the Cognicity Challenge called
‘Integrated Resource Management’ and ‘Automated Building Management’1. The winners were announced at a Showcase Event held at Level39, Europe’s largest accelerator space for fintech, retail, cyber security and smart cities technologies. Together with ten other entrants, the companies pitched their innovations to an audience of smart city leaders, mentors and stakeholders, including Cognicity’s sponsor Intel.

Sir George Iacobescu, Chairman and Chief Executive of Canary Wharf Group said: “We embarked on the Cognicity Challenge to identify and procure the most exciting innovations relevant to our continued growth. Last night was another important step in securing the next generation of technologies essential to keeping the Canary Wharf estate at the forefront of innovation. These ground-breaking solutions will deliver real value, long into the future, to our operations as well as to the workers and future residents of Canary Wharf.”

Eric Van der Kleij, Managing Director of ENTIQ and Head of Level39, said: “SEaB Energy and Demand Logic are two truly worthy winners. For the last twelve weeks these innovators have been on an incredible journey, and last night was just the beginning of what we hope is a much bigger future for all of them. By bringing together industry-leading experts and key figures from CWG, we can really help these firms to develop, tailor and deliver their solutions, creating an authentic, lasting impact on the Canary Wharf estate and beyond.”

Ian Jones, Intel’s UK Smart Cities Director added: “London is one of the world’s leading cities and is perfectly positioned to become the flagship for smart cities everywhere. Initiatives like Cognicity are laying the foundations for London to unlock its potential and now we can clearly see solutions taking shape which are going to enrich the lives of citizens in all sorts of ways.”

From the remaining ten companies competing in the second cohort, Stinex and Future Decisions were announced as runners-up, with honourable mentions also going to Strawberry Energy and Boldmind.

The final two Cognicity Challenge streams, ‘Virtual Design and Construction’ and ‘Connected Home’ have just begun, and focus on the new phase of development to the east of Canary Wharf estate. The winners will be announced on 7th July. The first two winners of the Challenge were announced on 16th April as Polysolar and Voyage Control, with both companies now working on their real-world pilots. A further four innovators from the first cohort were also given the chance to run pilot schemes on the estate, reflecting the quality of the competition and its participants.

1 In order to win the challenge, entrants must satisfy a number of criteria, one of which is the collection and use of data. For these two streams in particular, data is the cornerstone of the technologies being developed, so providing expert guidance and tuition is essential to helping firms better understand this often complex subject.


For more information please contact:
Gaia Arzilli, Cognicity
T: 07772892688

Sarah Bishell, FTI Consulting / Canary Wharf Group plc
T: 020 3727 1050


About Canary Wharf Group plc
Canary Wharf Group plc (“Canary Wharf Group” or the “Company”) is an iconic London real estate business which has overseen the largest urban regeneration project ever undertaken in Europe. We design, build and manage a unique set of assets to serve local and international companies, renowned retailers and some of the UK’s most exciting technology startups.

Our vision is to create truly great places where people want to work, live and relax. Over the past 25 years we have developed 17 million square feet of London’s disused docklands into one of the world’s foremost business districts, with more than 10 million square feet to come. Canary Wharf is home to the global and regional headquarters of leading names in law, banking, financial and professional services, media and technology.

The Canary Wharf Estate is fast evolving into one of London’s most exciting hubs. Alongside high quality offices for established companies, our status as a major retail destination including five shopping malls, Level39, Europe’s most influential financial technology accelerator, and the Cognicity smart cities technology initiative, we will soon deliver a major residential building programme, providing thousands of new homes for Londoners. Outside of Canary Wharf, the Group has a stake in the 20 Fenchurch Street (‘Walkie Talkie’) development in the City of London and in the Shell Centre redevelopment on London’s South Bank. We are in the business of place-making and continue to create cityscapes of and for the future.

We employ over 1000 people and there is a working population at Canary Wharf of 105,000 people. The arrival of Crossrail trains in 2017/2018 will strengthen the resilience of the existing transport infrastructure, doubling capacity and cutting journey times into central London and further afield. It will take 39 minutes to get to Heathrow airport, while City airport is just 10 minutes away.

Canary Wharf Group is a wholly owned joint venture between the Qatar Investment Authority and Brookfield Property Partners, two of the world’s largest funds and commercial real estate companies. The Group was acquired in March 2015 and as part of this process, Songbird, the former majority owner of Canary Wharf Group, delisted from the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market.

The Canary Wharf Group board of directors consists of ten directors; two executive directors, and four non-executive directors from QIA and Brookfield respectively.

About Cognicity
Cognicity is the city of the future, realised today. This pioneering project identifies and accelerates the development of smart city technologies, transforming Canary Wharf into a smarter, more aware city.

This is achieved through the Cognicity Challenge, which is divided into six streams of six companies each. Partners and sponsors provide guidance to the selected companies for 12 weeks and the winners will receive a £50,000 cash prize. The winners will also have the opportunity to pilot their solutions in the ongoing development of Canary Wharf.

The full list of streams is:

  • Cognicity Challenge: Sustainable Buildings
  • Cognicity Challenge: Integrated Transportation
  • Cognicity Challenge: Integrated Resource Management
  • Cognicity Challenge: Automated Building Management
  • Cognicity Challenge: Connected Home
  • Cognicity Challenge: Virtual Design & Construction

The Cognicity Challenge is a Canary Wharf Group initiative and is run by innovation experts ENTIQ (formerly Pivotal Innovations).

Our Integrated Resource Management accelerator stream attracted applications from innovators working to improve the integration of infrastructure, load balancing, demand-side response, and/or

CO2 reduction to create technology solutions that optimise energy, waste, and water while offering the flexibility to support growth and evolving security requirements.

The Integrated Resource Management finalists are:

  • KiWi Power: a smart grid company that monitors and controls energy usage in order to reduce consumption during peak demand.
  • Open Energi: a clean technology company that harness flexibility in our demand for energy to create a new energy economy, which is cleaner, cheaper, more secure and more efficient. It enables National Grid to balance electricity supply and demand on a second by second basis.
  • SEaB Energy: a UK-based high growth designer and manufacturer of plug and play patented waste management products, which convert onsite catering, sewage and agricultural waste into useable energy, water and carbon offsets.
  • Power Drive Efficiency: a company that has developed a technology that monitors and dynamically adjusts motor performance to match load requirements.
  • Strawberry Energy: a Serbian startup that installs Wi-Fi enabled charging stations that are solar-powered, bringing the Internet of Things to public spaces.
  • Stinex: a company that offers real-time analytics and reporting for activities in cities, including traffic flows, retail activities and crowd tracking.

Our Automated Building Management accelerator stream has been tailored to companies that have developed digital platforms to integrate point solutions in buildings and interpret the resulting data to inform decision-making. Using sensor technology and advanced analytics, these solutions help to automate building systems and detect issues before problems arise, assign priority in maintenance scheduling, and ensure all parts of a building are running at optimum levels.

The Automated Building Management finalists are:

  • Boldmind: an Internet of Things startup that develops bespoke apps to control connected systems and devices, while also analysing the data they generate.
  • Converge: a building automation and monitoring company with an end-to-end solution for the collection, storage and analysis of sensor data.
  • Demand Logic: a company that uses big data analytics to discover energy savings and performance improvements in commercial buildings.
  • Exa-Informatics: a big data analytic startup that aggregates and analyses information from different devises while reducing the risk of unauthorized exploitation of that data.
  • Future Decisions: a company that uses data mining, predictive algorithms and custom designed sensors to create intelligent, self-regulating buildings that can also talk to one another.
  • OrbiCenter: an interactive, 3D visualisation platform for the management and operations of Canary Wharf. It provides a unified view and function to numerous Cognicity smart cities solutions and their data.

The Cognicity Challenge has been designed and delivered by ENTIQ, an emerging leader in innovation delivery, new venture development and ecosystem creation, and the pioneer of an authentic, impactful innovation model.

Founded in 2013 by seasoned entrepreneurs Claire Cockerton and Eric Van der Kleij, ENTIQ, under our former Pivotal Innovations brand, has established a bold reputation for delivering innovation for corporate enterprises, property developers, government, academics and startup innovators. ENTIQ has successfully delivered genuine, tangible innovations for clients such as Dassault Systèmes, EY, Number 10 and Canary Wharf Group. We have also led the design and development of world-leading innovation ecosystems including Innovate Finance and Cognicity, and our founders helped lead the creation and development Level39 in its first 2 years.

About Intel
Intel designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices and the applications of the Internet of Things.

* Intel is a trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.