Illusionaries, the UK’s First Story-Based Multisensory Art Experience – 19.05.23

  • Located in Canary Wharf, Illusionaries is a new experiential art hub showcasing story-based digital art never seen before in the UK
  • Illusionaries launches with the premiere of Memories of a Dead Poet, an immersive audio-visual experience featuring three galleries
  • Experience light, sound and movement in an enchanting journey that challenges reality and illusion
  • Tickets on sale now at

In a new era for experiential art, Illusionaries is launching a new story-based immersive experience in a format never seen before in the UK. Inside Illusionaries’ hypnotic world, from 22nd June visitors can experience a mind-bending fusion of art and technology, as elements of light, sound and movement combine in ways beyond their wildest imaginations.

Illusionaries’ first exhibition at Crossrail Place in Canary Wharf will premiere Memories of a Dead Poet, a stimulating 40-minute art odyssey directed and animated by resident artist Arash Irandoust. In a series of groundbreaking digital spectacles across three exhibition galleries and a network of tunnels, audiences will discover otherworldly imagery and soulful soundscapes, culminating in an awe-inspiring finale.

With innovative, mesmerising digital installations blurring the line between reality and illusion, culture seekers can expect an unforgettable experience full of twists and turns. Showcasing Memories of a Dead Poet for an initial three-month run and located just a few minutes’ walk from Canary Wharf Underground station, Illusionaries is conveniently located as an after-work activity or special date spot.

Each of the three galleries explores a different chapter in Memories of a Dead Poet’s transformative narrative:

‘Epilogue’: In a 360-degree wraparound projection, visitors are introduced to the titular character. Born in an unknown environment characterised by intriguing visuals, a series of struggles and conflicts arise as the protagonist moves through his surroundings, forcing audiences to contemplate themes of greed, jealousy, fear, and competition. This section of the story unravels in a beautifully crafted fifteen-minute sequence of bespoke two-dimensional animations.

‘Before the meaning comes’: Venture deep inside the cubic infinity mirror cube to discover a multidimensional world which brings questions of life and death to the forefront. In this part of the story, mirrors act as the window to the protagonist’s epic voyage of rebirth, exploring memory, connection, and relationships.

‘Primordial Gardeners’: The final part of Memories of a Dead Poet is set in an intimate sound escape room that blends calming acoustics, mist, and visual projections. In this idyllic atmosphere, audiences are encouraged to decompress and reflect on the story, providing the opportunity to look inwards and build their own interpretation of the entire 40-minute sequence.

Salar Nouri, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Illusionaries, said: “We are thrilled to unveil Illusionaries and the first-ever story-based digital art exhibition. With high-quality audio-visual technology and an incredible story to tell, Illusionaries explores human consciousness through stimulating exhibitions, establishing a new standard for digital art. We hope as many people as possible experience art as it’s never been done before in London.”

Arash Irandoust, artist of Memories of a Dead Poet, said: “Memories of a Dead Poet is a tale told in three parts, born out of an interest in the universal nature of human experience and taking inspiration from the stories and emotions which unite us. This exhibition will take visitors on a journey of discovery, and I am honoured to unveil my work at Crossrail Place.”

Illusionaries will open to the public on Thursday 22 June, with tickets available to purchase now at during its three-month run. Sessions will run for up to 60 people per hour, providing an intimate experience for visitors to Memories of a Dead Poet.

Illusionaries presents Memories of a Dead Poet, London’s newest multisensory art experience in Canary Wharf, opening from Thursday 22 June. Tickets are on sale at


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  • Opening date: Thursday 22 June 2023
  • Opening hours: Monday – Thursday, 11am – 10pm, Friday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm, Sunday: 11am – 8pm
  • Bookings: Book online at
  • Ticket prices:  £38
  • Location:  Illusionaries, Crossrail Place, London E14 5AR

About Illusionaries

Illusionaries is an experiential art and entertainment hub that aims to nurture creativity and bring communities together by showcasing multisensory, immersive art forms. The experiential art hub is the brainchild of Illusionaries’ founders Sam Nouri, Salar Nouri, Moein Amraji and Amir Pashaee, who have collective experience across the creative industries, philosophy and science.

About Arash Irandoust

Arash Irandoust is an unconventional artist and storyteller who approaches art from a philosophical perspective. Rejecting societal norms, his art connects with the inner self, evoking emotions that transcend intellectual understanding.

Drawing on his varied experiences, including time as a monk and creating video installations in nature, Arash weaves intricate narratives that harmonise the internal and external worlds. Irandoust’s inspiration lies in nature and existence. Despite his vast knowledge, Irandoust remains humble and allows his pieces to speak for themselves, recognising that art is a deeply personal experience.

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