Coffee with a Conscience – from Cameroon to Canary Wharf – 11.09.23

Cameroonian “coffee for good” producer, Amero appointed sole coffee provider by Canary Wharf’s premium Build-to-Rent developer Vertus

London’s premium build-to-rent provider Vertus, has named Cameroonian “coffee for good” brand – Amero – as the sole coffee provider for their Canary Wharf buildings.

Amero, directly derived from the word ‘Cameroon’, produces ethically grown 100% organic Arabica coffee on its farms in rural Cameroon, a central African country.

Amero’s story began in 1960’s Cameroon when its founder, Daniel Kemdeng’s father, Djoumessi quit his job to build a 420-acre coffee farm in Njindoun – a first for Cameroonians at that time. Seeing the social and economic benefits of owning a farm, Djoumessi helped other families to start coffee farming to tackle poverty and get more children into school in rural Cameroon.

In 2012, continuing his father’s legacy to reduce poverty in Cameroon, Daniel renewed the coffee trees on his family farm and revived coffee farming as a business for families in the community. Ten years, Amero set up the first factory to process coffee beans locally, ensuring fairer prices for farmers. Through fairer pay and financial support for the 10,000 people in the community and its education and medical equipment projects, Amero is driving environmental and social progress in Cameroon.

Coffee sacks

Vertus says, “It’s been extremely rewarding to work with our resident Daniel on this project and we’re proud to be part of Amero’s journey to producing coffee with the best ethics in Cameroon. By providing farmers and workers, especially women in Cameroon, with fair pay and providing children with access to better healthcare and education, Amero is creating opportunities for more generations to thrive in Cameroon.”

Amero founder and Vertus resident Daniel Kemdeng says, “Developing Amero allowed me to carry on my father’s vision to help our local community start and sustain a livelihood for themselves. Basic needs like seeing a doctor and children going to school can become a regular reality for more people in Cameroon, thanks to companies like Vertus helping Amero to give its coffee farmers and communities a better future.”

Amero’s Gold Standard brew is available to the 1,500 residents in Vertus’s Canary Wharf buildings in London.


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Notes to Editors

About Vertus

Vertus is part of the Canary Wharf Group. Over the last 30 years the Group has serviced the world’s blue-chip corporate and retail tenants whilst undertaking the design, construction and management of the ever-growing Estate. Canary Wharf Group has built this reputation by providing exceptional service through estate management, building management, public space management and security.

Canary Wharf’s new neighbourhood, Wood Wharf, will provide up to 3,600 new homes, 2m sq ft of office space, 350,000 sq ft of retail and leisure space and over nine acres of public spaces, squares and parks. There will also be a GP surgery and a two-form primary school for 420 children.

Vertus manage all aspects of the build-to-rent developments on the Estate. The Vertus portfolio currently consists of three buildings, 10 George Street, 8 Water Street and Newfoundland, totalling 1,137 build-to-rent residential apartments.

Vertus manage the residential leasing and management of the buildings and the individual apartments. Vertus are dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers and residents by providing a superlative service, 24 hours a day and 365 days per year.
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About Amero:

Amero, is directly derived from the word Cameroon in honour of our roots and the people behind our amazing product. We strive to support farmers with fair pay, reduce poverty in Cameroon and maintain the best quality coffee by cutting out the middle men. Working with local research agencies, we aim to make our coffee plantations more sustainable and resistant to local diseases.

Investing us means investing in better futures for coffee farmers.

Every year, Amero’s founder, Daniel provides educational scholarships to the best students in his hometown in Cameroon. He also supports local hospitals with medical equipments whenever possible and is working on other projects to fight poverty in rural Cameroon. Read our story here .
Instagram: @amero_act  

About Canary Wharf Group:

Canary Wharf Group (CWG) is the developer of the largest urban regeneration project in Europe. CWG develops, manages and currently owns interests in approximately 9 million square feet of mixed-use space and over 1,100 Build to Rent apartments. 

CWG is a large sustainable developer in the UK and has purchased 100% electricity from renewable sources since 2012 and sent zero waste to landfill since 2009. 

CWG has created a 24/7 city where people can live, work and thrive on the Canary Wharf estate and enjoy all the benefits: great transport links, access to 16.5 acres of green spaces and waterside living; and a wide range of amenities including an award-winning arts and events programme. Canary Wharf’s retail offering comprises over 70 bars, cafes and restaurants and over 300 shops, including 8 grocery stores, pharmacies and health clubs all within 15 minutes’ walk.
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