Canary Wharf Group Opens Entries for Wildlife Photography Competition 2017 – 05.04.2017

Canary Wharf Group’s third Wildlife Photography Competition is officially open for entries.

The Wildlife Photography Competition aims to encourage visitors, employees and tenants in Canary Wharf to photograph the diverse collection of flora and fauna on the Estate using their smartphones or digital cameras. With 20 acres of landscaped parks and gardens, it’s an opportunity for visitors of all ages to explore the public spaces at Canary Wharf and discover the pockets of wildlife that exist throughout the Estate.


Start your photography journey at the striking award-winning Crossrail Place Roof Garden in the North Dock, which has been designed to reflect the architectural language of the roof, creating of a unique and sheltered planting environment in the heart of Canary Wharf.

Containing unusual and exotic flora from around the globe, the Crossrail Place Roof Garden is split into two geographic zones. The West side of the garden includes tree ferns from Australia, New Zealand, USA & Mexico; the East side includes different kinds of bamboo from Japan and China, as well as Japanese Maple. Highlights include the ‘Golden Tree Ferns’ and ‘Black Bamboo’, as well as the spiders and blackbirds that live amongst in the flora in the Roof Garden. Canary Wharf’s long-term resident, ‘Sammy the Seal’ can also be seen in the North dock.


Make a pit stop at Canada Square Park, home to range of plants originating from North America, which include the Sugar Maple, American Lime and Red Oak Trees.


Continue your journey through Canary Wharf with a visit to Jubilee Park, where you’ll see an abundance of wildlife including water fowls, squirrels, coots, wagtails and crows. Take advantage of the spring weather and photograph the beautiful Magnolia and June Berry trees that are currently in full bloom. Pockets of wildlife can also be spotted in the pools containing a shoal of rudd fish, which meander around over 200 rare deciduous conifers, otherwise known as Dawn Redwood Trees.


Head over to the Middle dock, which houses the Canary Wharf reed beds; the main nesting ground on the Estate for many bird species, such as swans, moorhens, grebes and mallard ducks. Take a look at last year’s winning entry for a glimpse into the wildlife at the Middle Dock. 


Complete your journey at Canary Wharf’s oldest park, Westferry Circus, which contains a variety of interesting trees and shrubs, including the English Oak, Red Oak, Magnolia Kobus, Bird Cherry, Yuccia with Hazel and much more.

There is a treasure trove of wildlife at Canary Wharf and to celebrate, this year‘s competition will once again host both a junior (under 18) and adult division (18 and over). The adult division will comprise of four categories and includes a new category for this year titled ‘Dawn and Dusk’:

  • Around the Streets and Gardens
  • Dawn and Dusk
  • Geometric and Organic
  • Wildlife and Water

A selection of shortlisted entries will be displayed in an exhibition at Adams Plaza Bridge this autumn, with the winner of each category winning a £100 Canary Wharf Gift Card; an overall competition winner will also be selected, winning a further £100 Canary Wharf Gift Card.

Last year’s award for the ‘Streets and Gardens’ category and ‘Overall Best Photo’ was presented to Adrian Cuevas for ‘Little Canadian Goose’; a photo captured next to the Blackwall Basin.

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