• A collection of Culture + Valuesimages
  • A collection of Culture + Valuesimages


Canary Wharf Group is driven by a high quality service culture, aiming to create an environment that exceeds expectations and a business strategy that differentiates from our competitors by sustaining consistently exceptional levels of service in all our construction and management aspects of our business.

We pride ourselves in dealing with complex developments, building on time and on budget, delivering quality service needs whilst adding value at every stage of the development process. We have proved that we work with a positive “can do” attitude that aims to focus on generating great ideas that resolve complex challenges rather than focusing on reasons of why we may not be able to deliver.



Canary Wharf Group plc adopts a company-wide and project-wide ethos of teamwork and recognising potential. We are proud of the culture we have developed, the visions we have created into reality and the standards of professionalism and ethical business practices in which we work. Our Company culture and values are integrated within all the workings of the Group and echoed through our primary internal strategies such as recruitment, training and development and our corporate social responsibilities, which ultimately aims to contribute to the Canary Wharf experience as a whole.


As the Group requires a wide scope of skills sets such as IT, Accounts and Finance, Construction, Maintenance, Landscapers, Events Organisers to Cleaners etc, our career opportunities involve a diverse range of roles and skills to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse tenant and customer base.

Our policies and procedures encourage an environment where individual differences and team work are appreciated and each individual is treated with dignity and respect. The Group delivers compulsory diversity training to all employees to reinforce our commitment to building positive relationships in the workplace and highlighting the significant role that this plays in the success of Canary Wharf Group as a business and an employer.

We strive to be fair and just and base all employment decisions including policies based upon an individual’s ability, experience and qualifications.


Canary Wharf Group plc is committed to working in partnership with the local community by having a positive economical impact that the local community and businesses can take advantage of to support community goals. We engage in innovative programmes such as the “Ready for Work” scheme, the “Women’s project” that provides essential work experience for people who have been homeless or out of work for a long period of time. This experience aims to help them get back into work. We also engage in mentoring programmes, CV workshops, interview technique skills training for local students and we have previously received an honorary alumni award for the number of work experience placement students we have provided work experience for within the Group.



We are proud to stand as leaders when striving towards a more environmentally friendly place in which to work. Our efforts have exceeded our environmental targets year on year, our highly developed recycling initiatives and by incorporating innovative developments of new buildings to consider the environmental impact, has been recognised by The Sunday Times, who names the Canary Wharf Group part of the 60 best green companies for the 3rd year in a row and has won the Green Apple Award. We see environmental issues as everyone’s responsibility and therefore we deliver compulsory environmental awareness training to all staff and include each individual’s environmental responsibilities within their job description highlighting that this issue is an integral part of the way we work.


We believe that the reason why people join us and stay with us for a long time is due to our culture that is built on mutual respect, being part of a professional organisation that achieves all their goals and aspirations and where investing in their people is a priority. This has been reinforced when Canary Wharf Contractors were named by The Sunday Times 50 Best Green Companies in the UK.

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