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Canary Wharf Group has already achieved one of the greatest ever feats of civic engineering, turning a once derelict Docklands into 97 acres of London’s, and the world’s, most sought after office and retail space.

The Group’s workforce comprises more than 950 people who are dedicated to one of the three sub companies. Canary Wharf Limited, Canary Wharf Contractors Limited and Canary Wharf Management Limited.

Canary Wharf Limited (CWL) provides executive guidance and administrative support to the two main operational arms. It is the parent company that provides central business services for the Group and drives our socio-economic development agenda with departments that include Accounts, IT, Personnel, Legal, Office Leasing and the Press Office amongst others.

Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd (CWCL) manages and delivers all of Canary Wharf Group’s construction projects in an integrated Project Manager/Main Contractor basis. We carry out the following activities in our Project Management and Main Contractor role:

  • Manage the delivery of the final design
  • Procure and appoint specialist trade contractors
  • Programme the works
  • Manage and incorporate tenant requirements in the design and delivery
  • Control, manage and review costs on an ongoing basis
  • Engage in value engineering exercises for shell and core and tenant works
  • Control and manage quality
  • Control and manage safety
  • Manage all site activities and co-ordinate interfaces between specialist sub-contractors
  • Commission building systems
  • Deliver the project in accordance with our time, budget and quality obligations

On group projects where CWCL is not Main Contractor we act in a Project Manager capacity. Where the Group is not involved as a developer, CWCL operates as a construction manager and is integrated with the developer’s project team.

Canary Wharf Management Limited (CWML) undertakes management of our 97 acre estate. With a current working population of over 105,000, 34 office buildings constructed to the highest standards of quality, resilience and environmental sustainability, over 300 shops, cafés, bars and restaurants, and our stunning venue, the East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf is a world-class centre for commerce, retail and leisure and needs to be managed as such.

CWML’s myriad roles on the estate include, but are not limited to, security, traffic management, health and safety, business continuity, facilities management, public spaces and landscaping, arts and events and the East Wintergarden.


As a fully integrated property development, investment, and management group, Canary Wharf Group has the experience and the reach to control and steer any project, of any size, from concept past completion.

In two decades, the group has not only transformed Canary Wharf into 16 million square feet of superior office, retail and leisure space, but it has also been called on to spread its expertise in tall building design across London.

Canary Wharf’s 35 completed buildings create an instantly recognisable London skyline attracting some of the world’s greatest companies. More than 100,000 jobs draw in high value employees from all over the globe, including from right here on the doorstep in London’s Tower Hamlets.
Its three malls – with more than 3000 shops, cafes, bars and restaurants – are shared by the world’s leading luxury brands.

There are also more than 100 performing arts and events every year and there are more than 60 works of art by 45 artists and designers on public display.

Buildings however, are only part of a community and a fifth of Canary Wharf’s 97 acres have been recreated as landscaped parks, fountains, tree-lined plazas and walkways, overseen by CWML which also manages the site’s four million square feet of offices, and nearly 700,000 square feet of retail space.

With more than 1,000 oaks, silver limes, horse chestnuts and London planes, plus 70,000 seasonal plantings every year, Canary Wharf is one of the capital’s greenest sites where buildings and nature share this huge space on a human scale.


Elegant amenities and a bustling retail scene make the space just as attractive to high quality staff as it is to the people who employ them. Canary Wharf has achieved a unique balance in design, location, environment and its population. CWG’s world-renowned tall buildings expertise has created opportunities for us to deliver high prestige projects outside of Docklands, including the City of London.  Each development – from design, through construction and project management – comes under CWCL, the acknowledged leaders in high quality, high-rise delivery.


canary-wharf-from-grenwich20 Fenchurch Street has become one of the most recognisable buildings in the capital, incorporating some of the most advanced green construction technologies which will be ready for its blue chip tenants to occupy in 2014.

On the other side of the Thames, plans for the 1.45 million sq ft re-sculpting of the South Bank’s Shell Centre site stand ready to deliver 800,000 sq ft of superior office space, 80,000 sq ft of retail and restaurants, plus 790 new homes beside one of the capital’s best known landmarks, the London Eye.

As at December 31, 2013, CWG’s investment property portfolio, including land, was £5.515 billion. Its retained investment portfolio was 97 per cent let and the average unexpired lease length was 14.5 years or 12.9 years assuming the exercise of all break options.

Meanwhile, Canary Wharf is still growing. In 2012, we became home to more bankers than the City of London. Now CWG and its joint venture partners have secured planning permission to double the size of the working population during our second 20 years.

These sites will offer bespoke offices, with the flexibility to allow clients to fine-tune each space to their unique requirements in structures designed and built to the highest standards of architecture, construction and sustainability.

CWG is 69.3% owned by Songbird Estates plc – see Investors and www.songbirdestates.com for more information.


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