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Together We Can – Keep Each Other Safe

As coronavirus continues to impact our health, our daily routine and our way of life in general, fostering a sense of community is more important than ever before. At Canary Wharf, your safety is our priority. We’ve closed all non-essential establishments, introduced social distancing markers outside our grocery stores and brought our events online.

  • To help maintain social distancing in the community, free parking has been made available at Canary Wharf for NHS workers
  • Our shopping malls have stayed open for essential shopping and increased cleaning processes have been implemented to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible. We have also introduced social distancing markers outside of our grocery stores.
  • Other essential services, such as building maintenance for tenants, has continued to operate to ensure we provide the relevant services to those who need it.
  • We are working with those in our supply chain and local businesses to do what we can to help them through these difficult times.

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Together We Can – Support Those In Need

Coronavirus is particularly hard on key workers, the elderly, the homeless and other vulnerable members of our community. At Canary Wharf, we’re working to try and ease that burden and hardship wherever we can. We’re making donations to local charities who are doing incredible work supporting the most vulnerable residents in our community

  • We have donated £50,000 to the East End Community Foundation Emergency Fund where funds will be used to match grants given to support organisations in Tower Hamlets, including foodbanks, charities and elder groups who are supporting older, isolated or vulnerable local people. This fund has now raised over £325k. One of the first grantees is Docklands Settlement who act as a community hub for the homeless and local residents.
  • Smaller charities providing vital services in the local east London community have also benefited from our grants that now total over £138k. This includes 10 local primary schools who are providing support to the most vulnerable students and their families; Tower Hamlets Friends & Neighbours where monies are being used to help train new volunteers to increase their capacity to support isolated people, and the Queen Victoria Seamans Rest to cover the cost for urgent supplies of personal protective equipment.
  • We have also made a donation of £20,000 to the Lighthouse Club for its Construction Workers Family Crisis Appeal.

Together We Can – Find Moments Of Calm

There are the big, headline-grabbing ways that coronavirus has affected our health and our lives, and then there are the little ways. The Pilates class you can no longer take. The postponed party. The missed social occasions. The monotony of being at home.

At Canary Wharf, we recognise that these small things can amount to a big toll on your mental well-being. That’s why we’re making an effort to spread some cheer and encourage our virtual community to continue to build in a time of fear and uncertainty. We’ve created an online programme that encompasses fitness, food & drink, self-care and culture. Why not take a Barry’s workout in your living room? Learn to cook with Migrateful’s recipes or challenge yourself with our quick quiz?

We’ve also collaborated with some of our partners to give you masterclasses on a broad range of topics, from guided stretches with Flexology to at home hair care tips with Toni & Guy. When it seems like life is on hold, we’ll keep things going.

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Together We Can – Keep Going

The coronavirus pandemic changed life as we knew it overnight, within a matter of days we had to respond. For many people on top of trying to juggle work or family responsibilities, we became shoppers for our neighbours, master chefs with tinned and frozen food and parents became teachers to children who just didn’t understand why they couldn’t go out and play anymore.

For many years we have had a thriving education outreach programme working with local schools, so we’ve tailored this to create some new resources to help with home schooling or just keeping the little ones occupied for a while.

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Together We Can – Enjoy Nature

Did you know that at Canary Wharf we have nurtured something that can improve your mental and physical wellbeing? It’s nature, and for just a few minutes a day it can reduce stress, improve your mood and physical fitness.

Here are a few tips on what you can do to improve your wellbeing while on the Estate:

  • Take a walk on the wild side – The Estate offers over 20 acres of parks, squares and gardens filled with a variety of seasonal plants and wildlife species. Take a moment to explore and enjoy the adventure.
  • Spot a VIP – from seals to rare birds and insects, there are plenty of celebrities on the Estate. Say hello and be sure to take a picture, you might be the winner of our next photography competition.
  • Tweet it like you mean it – with a growing population of native and rare birds, you are never far away from a song. Tune into the wild radio and tweet along to your heart’s content.
  • Take time to reflect – The Estate supports over 300,000 m3 of open water and offers waterside seating for you to enjoy. Relax by the canal, see the sunshine glisten in the ripples or watch the koi dance in the depths.
  • Take a deep breath – as founding members of the Business Clean Air Task Force, we take the air you breathe very seriously. That’s why you won’t see much traffic on the Estate and plenty of trees to clear the air.
  • Smile with us – our friendly staff are here to help, we treat every visitor as a member of our community and are glad to offer advice on how you can make the most of your time on the Estate.