Wednesday 7 January 2015 – Media Release

Inspirational illuminations arrive at Canary Wharf with new ‘Winter Lights’ exhibition

Throughout January, the Canary Wharf horizon will be illuminated by one of the most spectacular temporary art exhibitions to grace the capital this year. ‘Winter Lights’ brings installations and impressive artworks from 11 internationally acclaimed artists to the Canary Wharf Estate, already home to one of the UK’s largest collections of public art. This interactive, hands-on festival of light will see the landscape transformed into a dazzling stage of sculptures, lasers, projections and digital art from a variety of artists including the UK’s Stephen Newby, Cédric Le Borgne from France, German design duo Heidi and Bernd Spiecker and Hungarian born artist Bálint Bolygó.

‘Control No Control’ in Montgomery Square is an interactive LED sculpture by Daniel Iregui which invites its audience to get involved, using their hands and bodies to create sounds and graphics. An immersive and thought-provoking exhibit, the audio-graphical compositions conjure geometric patterns and audio representations in response to the simplest bodily gestures.

‘On the Bridge’, an installation by Tine Bech, is a breath-taking sight which brings together light and water, located on Cubitt Steps adjacent to Middle Dock. As people walk across the bridge, bursts of pink fog are omitted and hidden lights illuminate the way along the route. Visible from afar, this installation artwork immerses participants in an ethereal pink light as they cross over the water.

Canada Square Park hosts a ‘Lightbench’ and a ‘Heatbench’ by LBO Lichtbankobjekte – park benches with a twist. These two benches, one luminous and the other heated, add a new dimension to the experience of taking the weight off your feet and settling down in a public place. Encouraging one to reflect on the simple act of sitting down, the installation provides a comfortable seat to watch the world go by and the skaters gliding across the adjacent ice rink, as well as an opportunity to alter the colour of the Lightbench.

‘Ice Angel’ is an interactive artwork by Dominic Harris and Cinimod Studio, providing participants with a glimpse of themselves depicted in angelic form. Inspired by children creating angels in fresh snow, Ice Angel utilises a performance portrait device to create celestial images as each participant is paired with their angel identity.

These are just a few of the stunning works of art being exhibited right across the estate in January, along with ‘Binary Woodwork’ by Raoul Simpson in Montgomery Square, ‘Lily Pads’ by Ela Brunel Hawes in Jubilee Park, and ‘Infinity Pools’ in Middle Dock by Stephen Newby creating a highly ‘illuminating’ artistic experience.

Interactive Family Weekend

During the weekend of 9 -11 January, twilight-lit corners of Canary Wharf will be brought to life with dazzling installations and interactive, family-friendly activities that will run in tandem with the ‘Winter Lights’ exhibition.

Unusual digital creations, illuminated shapes, light painting, 3D storytelling, animations and more will provide a landscape for the modern family to explore whilst uncovering some of their own hidden talents. The weekend provides a unique opportunity for budding artists, young and old, to experiment with light and get creative in new ways, learning as they go in a fun, hands-on way.

Lightweight on Reuters Plaza is an installation that maps just about anything on a huge glowing 360-degree digital face – visitors can see themselves reflected in many intriguing combinations.

In Cabot Square kids can re-create their own digital masterpieces using the Loplite laser to etch their ideas in light. Or they can explore Codex, a light installation and animated talking book that voices over 1,000 different stories.

Water Light Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau, a hugely popular exhibit, invites children and adults alike to the West Wintergarden as an interactive digital wall comes to life with just a touch of water and some creative input. Hackspace Cubed, an illuminated cube that reacts to touch screen tablets will also be on display here – get up close and personal creating bold, colourful patterns with your handheld device.

Hidden in amongst the Canary Wharf landscape in Jubilee Park, Taegon Kim’s ephemeral Trois Robes change colour as you walk on by.

In addition, ‘Glow Performers’ will appear across the unique spaces on the Estate, children are invited to personalise their own Kaleidoscope at the Canada Place workshop and free face painting for children 3 years and over can be enjoyed in Canary Wharf’s Shopping Malls throughout the weekend.

Click to watch Winter Lights Festival video

Click to watch Winter Lights Festival video


Event Details:

Winter Lights Festival @ Canary Wharf
5 – 30 January 2015
Throughout Canary Wharf

‘Infinity Pools’ in Middle Dock, by Stephen Newby
5 – 30 January 2015

‘Lightbench’ and ‘Heatbench’, Canada Square Park, by LBO LichtBankObjeckte
Until April

‘Light Wave’, Chancellor Passage off Middle Dock, by Bálint Bolygó
5 – 30 January 2015

‘[M]ondes’ in Jubilee Park and Westferry Circus Gardens, by Atsara
5 – 30 January 2015

‘Le Biche’ in Jubilee Park, and Flying Figures in Bank Street by Cédric Le Borgne
5 – 30 January 2015

‘Lily Pads’ in Jubilee Park, by Ela Brunel Hawes
5 – 30 January 2015

‘Binary Woodwork’ in Montgomery Square, by Raoul Simpson
5 – 30 January 2015

‘Control No Control’ in Montgomery Square, by Daniel Iregui
5 – 16 January 2015

‘On the Bridge’ on Cubitt Steps Bridge, by Tine Bech
5 – 16 January2015

‘Ice Angel’ in Jubilee Place Mall, by Dominic Harris and Cinimod Studios
5 – 16 January 2015

Interactive Family Weekend
Friday 9 – Sunday 11 January 2015
Throughout Canary Wharf
See individual times

Lightweight in Reuters Plaza
4-8pm, Friday 9 – Sunday 11 January 2015
See your face light up in live animations drifting around a 4m high large globe.

Codex in Cabot Square
4-8pm, Friday 9 – Sunday 11 January 2015
A light installation that tells a tale! Interact with this animated talking book that tells over 1,000 different stories.

Hackspaced Cube in West Wintergarden
4-8pm, Friday 9 – Sunday 11 January 2015
This illuminated cube reacts to movement so get up close and personal and create your own colourful patterns.

Loplite in Cabot Square
4-8pm, Friday 9 – Sunday 11 January 2015
Use a flashlight, stick or a laser as a paintbrush and marvel at your light creation.

Water Light Graffiti in West Wintergarden, by Antonin Fourneau
4-8pm, Friday 9 – Sunday 11 January 2015
Spray this interactive digital wall with water and be amazed by what appears.
Experiment with water and light.

Trois Robes in Jubilee Park, by Taegon Kim
4-8pm, Friday 9 – Sunday 11 January 2015
Three eerie illuminated dresses float within the Canary Wharf landscape.

Free Children’s Workshops: Krazy Kaleidoscopes in Canada Place
12-6pm, Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 January 2015 Children are invited to assemble a funky Kaleidoscope using a fabulous selection of paints, stickers, gems and jewels. Once completed children can hold up to the light to see a huge spectrum of bright twinkling colours.

Free Children’s Facepainting in Canary Wharf’s Shopping Malls*
12-6pm, Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 January 2015 Children can have their faces painted in a variety of bright and colourful designs in Cabot Place, Canada Place and Jubilee Place. * Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Terms and Conditions apply. See workshop stations for full details.

Glow Performers, various locations
3-7pm (performance times vary), Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 January 2015

For further information, please contact:
Charlie Smith/Beth Thoms
The Communication Group
T: 020 7630 1411


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