Associate Director –  Development

Date Posted: 21/07/2021
Department: Development Group
Company: Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd
Reporting to: Managing Director, Development

Job Summary:

The Associate Director – Development (ADD) is required to lead, co-ordinate and actively manage the development process for individual projects from the point of conception through to delivery and handover. The ADD will be accountable for the overall delivery and performance of the project which will be measured against the agreed Business Plan targets.

The principal objectives are to ensure the project is delivered on time, in accordance with the approved specific development brief and specifications and at a cost not exceeding the approved budget(s).

The primary role of the ADD is to conceive, generate and recommend viable development appraisals for approval. The ADD will organise and manage the procurement and delivery of the project, including any necessary planning approvals. 

The ADD will pro-actively drive the development process. The ADD will be responsible for ensuring that material matters are properly communicated and coordinated between the relevant functions of the business. The principal departments include the development group, financial planning & appraisal, construction, sustainability, legal, marketing, finance, planning, accounts, sales, leasing, risk, and insurance.

The ADD will report regularly to the CEO with respect to progress on individual projects and will be supported in the role by the MDs of Development and Construction. 

The ADD will lead by example and promote the company’s core values – collaboration, engagement, excellence, innovation and ownership.

About Canary Wharf Group

Canary Wharf Group (CWG) is the developer of the largest urban regeneration project in Europe. CWG develops, manages and currently owns interests in approximately 7.5 million square feet of office space, 0.9 million square feet of retail and over 1,000 build-to-rent apartments.

CWG is the largest sustainable developer in the UK with over 10 million square feet of sustainable certified buildings. CWG also excels operationally as it purchases 100% electricity from renewable sources since 2012 and zero waste to landfill since 2009.

CWG has created a 24/7 city where people can live/work/play on the Canary Wharf estate and enjoy all the benefits: great transport links, access to green spaces and waterside living; and a wide range of amenities including an award-winning arts and events programme. Canary Wharf’s retail offering comprises over 300 shops, including grocery stores, pharmacies, health clubs, bars and restaurants, all within 15 minutes’ walk.

The Company’s current £2.4bn construction activity is composed of 500k square feet of commercial properties and over 1,750 new homes for sale and rent.

Our Culture and Values

Working at Canary Wharf Group means working for a forward thinking, collaborative team. We hire staff who strive to make a difference and achieve the highest standards. Everyone is empowered to make a difference and our ethos encourages everyone to think like an owner. Our business puts our customers and people at the heart of everything, we work to meet their needs and exceed expectations.

Our mission is to empower our people, engage our communities and create sustainable places.

Our values help us achieve exceptional results:

Excellence: Commit to achieving the best with integrity

Collaboration: Make us of our vast experience and knowledge to work effectively together

Engagement: Develop our people, our communities, our stakeholders and our suitable environment and be exceptional while respecting others

Ownership: Take responsibility and pride in what we deliver. Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference.

Innovation: Embrace change and encourage innovation

Main Responsibilities

The ADD will lead, manage and co-ordinate the following key aspects of the project development process:

  1. Site Acquisition & Feasibility
  2. Planning Application & Consent
  3. Detailed Design & Procurement
  4. Delivery & Handover
  5. General/Reporting
  1. Site Acquisition & Feasibility
  • Identify and marshal internal group resources necessary for contributing to the review or generation of a preliminary development appraisal.
  • Identify services required by external consultants or third parties where necessary and manage/assist in their appointment by the relevant group departments.
  • Prepare a preliminary development budget for working up the appraisal and monitor/report expenditure against it.
  • Coordinate the preparation of the preliminary development appraisal with input from the relevant group departments. The key inputs may comprise:
    • Development programme – worked up with design, planning & technical construction groups.
    • Preliminary financial appraisal including acquisition funding where required.
    • Establish the project brief, site constraints and concept design – developed by the design group with input from the relevant client teams.
    • Legal issues impinging on viability.
    • Market report to determine  demand / supply fundamentals, projected rent growth and potential exit values.
    • Technical review to assess construction and logistical constraints.
    • Construction cost and professional fees estimate.
  • Collation and assembly of the preliminary development appraisal (or bid submission where applicable) and presentation to the Investment Committee for approval.
  • Manage and coordinate the production of bid responses for competitive tender development opportunities.
  1. Planning Application & Consent

The main role during this stage of the development is to manage the development of the project design to planning submission stage using the criteria set out in the preliminary development appraisal. Next steps include:

To update the development appraisal and obtain sign off prior to proceeding with the planning application submission.

To coordinate the submission of the planning application and prepare recommendations for proceeding with detailed design. The following inputs are required:

  • Develop the design/project brief with the design group.
  • Manage the appointment of the professional team.
  • Coordinate the appointment of the planning team.
  • Work up the development programme and report against progress.
  • Manage the design process and design/planning consultants in the preparation of the outline/detailed planning submission & any consultation/input required during the planning determination period.
  • Manage and contribute to the inputs on construction methodology, site logistics and building programmes provided by the internal construction team (CWCL).
  • Manage the resolution of rights to light issues with input from specialists & lawyers.
  • Refine the project appraisal & incorporate changes through the design development stage.
  • Co-ordinate & assist the legal department to identify and resolve legal & third party issues.
  • Assist with the early stages of sales, leasing & marketing.
  • Manage & coordinate the preparation and updating of the preliminary cost plan as the design is progressively developed.
  1. Detailed Design & Procurement
  • Manage the professional design team appointments for the post planning detailed design stage/tender documents, including the procurement of new consultants.
  • Manage, with our internal construction team (CWCL), the procurement of site investigation/surveys and any other site information required to develop the design.
  • Where applicable, prepare a critical dates schedule and scope of requirements to obtain tenant information and sign off to meet overall programme timescales.
  • Manage and coordinate the updating of the Development Budget as the design develops.
  • Manage the change control process and update budgets/cost plan accordingly.
  • Update the business plan to reflect any changes to the Brief and Development Budget. Liaise with the finance department and provide relevant inputs for the financial appraisal to be kept up to date.
  • With assistance from the internal planning group, coordinate the discharge of any planning/pre-commencement conditions and/or S106 obligations.
  • Liaise with funding monitors and provide necessary information for milestone payments.
  • Manage and coordinate the transition of design management to our construction group (CWCL) in preparation for the procurement and enabling works delivery stage.
  1. Delivery and Handover
  • Manage the construction delivery process to procure and deliver the work to meet cost and programme targets.
  • Our internal construction delivery group (CWCL) will be responsible for the procurement and management of the trade contractors and site operations. The CWCL Project Executive will head up the project construction team and report to the ADD on all site matters.
  • The ADD will play an active role, working with CWCL in the procurement and delivery stage – the ADD will sign off on all consultant and trade contract appointment recommendations and approve all associated changes, instructions and valuations.
  • The ADD will identify and coordinate the handover arrangements with our internal or JV client office, retail & residential teams.
  • With assistance from the internal planning group, coordinate the discharge of any planning conditions and/or S106 obligations.
  1. General/Reporting
  • Progressively and proactively identify, manage, mitigate and report on project risks, critical issues and impacts on the agreed project metrics.
  • Keep abreast of macro and sub-market conditions as well as supply/demand characteristics in specific product sectors and adjust development projects accordingly to minimize risks and maximize value.
  • Produce a monthly report to address the key project issues – H&S, quality, progress and costs.
  • Update the anticipated cost report and manage all inputs to the Development Budget. Report movements against the agreed budgets and manage the change control process.
  • To establish, obtain necessary inputs and oversee the Project Risk Register for incorporation into the Development Manager’s Reports. Identify and report on key issues requiring mitigation measures.
  • Administer consultant/professional team appointments & approve payment valuations for all stages of the development process including trade contractors.
  • Manage and coordinate the cost reporting process. Liaise with budget managers to assess and manage the future outturn costs – highlight key budget issues raised in the anticipated cost reports.
  • Manage the input and collation of lessons learned throughout each stage of the project process. 
What We Require of You

  • Proven relevant experience in a development or project management position in the successful delivery of substantial real estate projects.
  • The successful candidate should have a strong academic background and ideally possess a degree, masters and/or professional qualification in a relevant real estate, construction, planning or design discipline.
  • Substantial knowledge and evidence of requisite interpersonal skills necessary to operate successfully within a multi-group environment and engage with third party stakeholders.
  • An entrepreneurial orientation and natural inclination to test and explore the limits of pushing beyond existing boundaries, informed by an understanding of how change can successfully be introduced and implemented.
  • Proven ability to manage and lead a diverse team in a collaborative environment.
  • Clear capacity to anticipate changes in the industry and consider the impact on developments, and to take the initiative to minimize risk and maximize opportunities presented by such changes.
  • Ability to establish development strategies, turn them into actionable plans, and orchestrate all internal and external resources necessary to see them through to successful conclusion.

To achieve our company vision, mission and values, there are core responsibilities within each job role that helps us provide a consistent, safe and effective approach, whilst improving the service that we deliver.

All staff shall:

  • Adhere to our Health, Safety, Quality and Sustainability requirements as detailed in our policies within our Integrated Management System. The latest documents including relevant procedures and forms can be found on SharePoint, with Trade Contractor and Consultant related documents on Asite.
  • Act responsibly, and take care of yourselves and others. Follow all necessary precautions, guidance and instructions when conducting, supervising or managing a task. Further details regarding Health & Safety are set out in the Health & Safety Policy, within our Employee Handbook and are available within our health and safety management system located on SharePoint.
  • Protect the environment and reduce our environmental impacts through reducing energy use and minimising waste produced onsite. Staff should adhere to the procedures in our environmental management system. Relevant documents are located on SharePoint.

What We Offer

Diversity and Inclusion: We recognise the importance of embracing diverse experience, skills and perspectives at all levels and operating in an inclusive working environment, in order for everyone to reach their full potential. We also recognise that it makes business sense, since being an inclusive employer leads to better business performance and higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. We welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and skills and are committed to fostering a culture whereby everyone can reach their full potential.

Flexible Working: As an inclusive employer, we recognise the positive impact flexible working can have on an individual, their wellbeing, engagement and productivity. Therefore, we are open to consider flexible working arrangements, both temporary or permanent.

Learning and Development: At Canary Wharf Group, our employees receive a wide range of support to help improve their skills and achieve their career goals. We offer development opportunities through classroom and e-learning training, mentoring, cross department experience and on the job learning. We heavily invest in our staff attaining accreditations to develop existing and new skills, support chartered status, sponsorships and provide further educational opportunities which are job and business related. We never stand still and continually invest in developing skills and knowledge to ensure individual and company growth.

Other Benefits: We are committed to building a safe, happy and healthy community for our employees and we offer a comprehensive range of benefits, all designed with our employees and their wellbeing in mind. From generous pension and insurance plans, to health benefits, subsidised gym membership, store discounts and family leave, our benefits package allows our employees to choose the benefits that suit them and their individual needs.

If you are interested in joining our highly professional and skilled team for our next exciting phase of development, please complete the form on this page to apply online or send your cv and covering letter to: Personnel Department, Canary Wharf Group plc, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AB.

Closing date for applications is Monday 9 August 2021.

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