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As custodians of our developments, we want to be leading in innovation, efficiency, resilience and collaboration

Collectively, the real estate sector must address climate change and resource depletion to ensure that our buildings are resilient and efficient. From concept design to completion we are designing out waste, building in resilience and efficiency, and promoting a zero-carbon and circular economy.
We are striving towards a zero-carbon construction process and setting targets to reduce embodied carbon. As members of the UK-GBC we are working to set guidelines for assessing embodied carbon, and refining our own methodologies to ensure consistency.

Life-Cycle Assessment

In 2016, we completed lifecycle assessments of One Bank Street and two buildings at New District, to understand their embodied carbon performance. This information will enable us to establish comparisons and help us develop a baseline for future buildings.

Zero Waste to Landfill

Whilst recycling across the business is generally high and we’re proud of achieving zero waste to landfill, we rely on mechanical separation to drive recycling rates and energy recovery to prevent waste going to landfill. Our aim is to move toward a circular economy, but we recognise that there is still a long way for us to go.

Collaboration and partnerships are essential for a circular economy. That is why we have initiated our Corporate Impact Voluntary Agreement (CIVA) project which looks at how we can address waste challenges across our portfolio. By promoting best practice, sharing data and working together to implement solutions to common problems we’re able to make a positive impact.

We have worked closely in partnership with Veris, a sustainability engagement specialist, to develop a bespoke solution to address waste management with all our retail tenants.

Our Waste to Worth’ initiative allowed retailers to donate surplus products and has seen more than 10 tonnes of surplus products diverted from landfill.

We procure our cleaning products from Delphis Eco, whose products are EU Ecolabel accredited and derived from sustainable plant based resources. They are supplied in reusable trigger bottles made from 100% recyclable plastic and eco – friendly labels and glue.

Installing 5.3 km of LED Lighting

In 2015 Canary Wharf Group embarked on a major lighting upgrade in the retail areas of Cabot Place, Canada Place, Churchill Place and Jubilee Place. In total £600,000 was invested to replace 9,260 lighting fittings with energy efficient LEDs.

The new lighting system was 65% more energy efficient, delivered savings of 1,950 tonnes of carbon per year and improved lighting levels for people shopping and working in the malls. The longer lasting and cooler running bulbs reduced maintenance costs and heat damage to the décor.