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Since gaining accreditation to the ISO 9001 standard in 2003 we have worked, with the full support of the CWCL Executive Directors, to continually refine and improve our key business processes, ensuring that all projects and departments implement best practice throughout the design, procurement, construction and handover phases.

At the core of our QMS stand our Quality Management Policy Statement and Corporate Objectives, approved by the Executive Director responsible for Quality Management and signed by our Chief Executive Officer.

Customer Focus

Our QMS is driven by our commitment to providing customer satisfaction. With this in mind we have a framework in place for identifying and tracking performance against customer requirements and for ensuring that we fulfil our responsibilities with regard to relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. Our customer feedback process enables us to assess our performance as perceived by our customers and we use this as a tool to generate opportunities for continual improvement.

Involvement of People

jubilleplace-p1We recognise that the key to successful implementation of our QMS lies in ensuring that our employees are well trained and properly qualified to perform the functions their roles require. With this in mind we actively assess training requirements and implement an annual training programme to ensure that the necessary training is provided to staff at all levels.

Our Design Consultants and Trade Contractors

In addition to operating an ISO 9001:2015 compliant system internally, we require each of the Design Consultants and Trade Contractors working on our development projects to meet our Quality Management requirements and to produce and implement a Quality Plan covering the full scope of their works.

We take a proactive approach to working with our Design Consultants and Trade Contractors to ensure that our QMS requirements are met. Through this process we seek to establish ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships with them.



One of the essential processes necessary to meet our requirement to strive for continual improvement is auditing. In addition to biannual audits of our QMS conducted each year by ISOQAR, our annual audit programme ensures that our own internal departments and processes are regularly audited and that any non conformances raised are effectively closed out by the implementation of the relevant correction and corrective action.

In the same way, our external audit programme covers services provided by our Design Consultants and Trade Contractors who are audited as required during the design and construction phases, depending on identified risk and duration of the project.

Lessons Learnt

In order to assist in improving our internal processes and working methods, we operate a Lessons Learnt process. A Lessons Learnt document can be raised by any member of staff if they consider that an improvement can be made based on their experience. Lessons Learnt documents feed back into the QMS and are one of the means by which we seek to continually improve our working practices.


We routinely review and evaluate the performance of our Design Consultants and Trade Contractors and this information is fed back into our approved lists.

Our Commitment

With ongoing senior management support, CWCL is committed to seeking ways to continually improve its processes and working practices, and we look forward to continued success in this endeavour.

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