• A collection of Project Implementationimages
  • A collection of Project Implementationimages
  • A collection of Project Implementationimages
  • A collection of Project Implementationimages
  • A collection of Project Implementationimages

Project implementation

As well as the buildings, they create the infrastructure – the roads, car parks, railway stations, the parks, bridges, the retailand performance venues – through which a community’s lifeblood flows.

Recent and current projects constructed by our team both at Canary Wharf and elsewhere in London include:

  • The iconic office building at 20 Fenchurch Street known popularly as the Walkie-Talkie in the City of London
  • The Canary Wharf Crossrail Station and the retail development above it, complete with a public park on top
  • Southbank Place – a development of 2 office buildings and 5 residential buildings adjacent to the London Eye on the South Bank.
  • The new phase of Canary Wharf known as Wood Wharf which consists of 8 new office buildings and over 20 new residential buildings together with associated shops, restaurants, schools and other community buildings.
  • Newfoundland, a 60-storey residential building with a distinctive external diagrid structure
  • The new HQ for Societe Generale at 1 Bank Street
  • A new building for the Arts Club to be known as the Quay Club within the dock adjacent to 1 Bank Street
  • A new branch of The Ivy restaurant in Canada Square Park

At the start, we set out a Project Execution Plan (PEP) that includes the procurement strategy, risks, phasing, logistics and the project programme.

Our structured formal risk assessment procedures identify and classify each project’s unique challenges and then provide potential impact and mitigation strategies.

This analysis forms part of our PEP,  a living document, used as a strategic decision support tool on a regular basis with all stakeholders.

Our plan begins with the big picture, built around the key project commitments, from which we develop phasing strategies and detailed programmes.

The precision delivery of people and materials to the workface are a key consideration so tower crane planning and hoist locations are micro-timetabled to ensure the right resources are in the right place at the right time.

We are collaborative and innovative by nature and continue to develop more efficient methods of construction through our mature supply chain.

In partnership with the best specialist trade contractors we have developed new techniques in piling, concrete core technology and structural steel erection, M&E services installation and commissioning.

Many of our innovations have become the industry standard.

While we continue to develop, others follow.